Plea Change In District Court

23-year-old Jerald Roberts plead guilty to aggravated homicide by vehicle.
23-year-old Jerald Roberts plead guilty to aggravated homicide by vehicle.

23-year-old Jerald Roberts changed his plea to guilty Tuesday morning in 4th Judicial District Court. Roberts plead guilty to aggravated homicide by vehicle. The charge stems from a one vehicle rollover on April 20th 2009 that took the life of Christopher Fletcher. The accident occurred just after midnight on the Interstate 90 on-ramp near K-Mart, where Roberts failed to negotiate the turn, the vehicle rolled, ejecting both occupants from the vehicle. Fletcher was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prosecuting Attorney Matt Redle said that evidence shows that both occupants of the vehicle had blood alcohol levels 3 times over the legal limit. Redle also stated that the autopsy indicated that the cause of death was blunt trauma from injuries sustained in the crash, and that the injuries to Fletcher were consistent with him being in the passengers seat.

Roberts' Defense Attorney Hardy Tate, stated that his client was extremely intoxicated and has no recollection of the events that resulted in Fletcher's death. Terms of the plea agreement reached with the state are for Roberts to serve no less than 2 years and no more than 4 years. 4th Judicial District Court Judge John Fenn ordered a pre-sentence investigation and set a sentencing date of June 22nd at 9 am.


I understand that both the boys had a lot to drink that night. But do people realize they tried to call a cab??? No I doubt that. Just because JD and CJ were both drinking that night, does it mean that CJ should have been killed??? HELL NO. Let's talk about second chances, yes I believe that people deserve a second chance, but to have taken someone's life and claim not to remember then a year later plead guilty to the crime, what's up with that. There are no second chances for CJ, there are no more anythings!!!!! Hiding under the cloak of not remembering is not a valid excuse in the court of law. Only JD and his maker will know who was driving that car. JD you have taken away all CJ's second chances, when you go off to prison you will hug and kiss your mom and dad good bye, knowing you will see them again. Did CJ get that? HELL NO, you took that from him. CJ was also a good decent, loving, generous young man, but no one will get to know that. I'm not sure what to make of the jail time, will it really make a difference that he goes to prison, when for the rest of his life, he will have to live with the fact that he KILLED his FRIEND and couldn't remember. JD I hope you turn your life around, there is a reason you lived and CJ didn't. CJ you will be in our hearts forever, you were a great friend, brother, son, and uncle. You are very much missed!!!! Peace to you
We love you to the stars!!!!



we all know that everyone makes mistakes.. BUT a year later for jd to come forward and plea guilty just goes to show that he was always guilty and trying to find a loop in the system so that he wouldnt have to serve his time.. i dont care if jd is a good guy and if i had the chance to ever see him it wouldnt be nice.. jd took someone even greater from many people.. for the sentence to only be a min of 2 years a bullcrap, how do you put a price on someone life like that.. we will be forever tortured with the loss of our Cj.. jd you have taken a son, brother, grandson, uncle and best friend from many peolpe FOREVER. as for second chances ?? wheres cj's second chance?? he will never get one. jd your 2-4 years is nothing compared to the lifetime of pain and saddness, that by your decision, has been thrown into our lives and can never be undone.. CJ may you rest in peace, and know that you are loved and missed dearly.
L Anderson

understand this

I understand your pain and I pray for Cj and his family. I just ask how can it all be jds fault when they both took their shots like men? Just as jd chose to drive the car, cj chose to get in after they both chose to drink. The very sad fact is that someone is dead because of the incident, and hopefully lessons can be learned. Everyone has a purpose in life, including cj and jd.



Let me say that this young man is worthy of a second chance. I am saddened that someone can condemn him. He does have to live with the feelings and guilt for the rest of his life and the passenger was his friend. Everyone makes mistakes in their life, and the fact that he is standing accountable for this proves he is truly feeling conviction for his wrondoing. Our system is a great system and it is a just system. Before you condemn him and pass judgement, get to know him, he is a great person. A person with faults just like any other person


Let me understand this; you

Let me understand this; you are to irresponsible to designate a driver before you start drinking, you then proceed to get blitzed out of your mind, and drive home, attempting to navigate a sharp corner at over 100mph. Failing to make the corner, you roll, eject your passenger and kill them, and now you face 2-4 years in prison? What has our system come to? Mr Roberts, I hope that man was your best friend, the best man at your wedding, the Godfather to your children, and that you recall him everyday for the rest of your life. That the slap on the wrist you received for you irresponsible, juvenile behavior is nothing compared to thoughts that will haunt you for the remainder of your life.

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