Physician Recruitment Continues at Sheridan Memorial

Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty
Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty

Sheridan Memorial Hospital continues the recruitment process for an Internal Medicine physician to join Big Horn Mountain Medicine, which is the Hospital's Primary Care Practice.

There are currently two doctors on staff; a third will join the team in early 2011. The goal is to have four full-time physicians on staff in the not-too-distant future.

Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty says that another aspect of Primary Care is Pediatrics.

Another area that the Hospital for which the hospital is is consistently trying to recruit is Medical Oncology.

McCafferty stated that they are still waiting on a guaranteed maximum price from CTA Architects on the proposed expansion of the Welch Cancer Center. Once they receive the guaranteed maximum price, the hospital will look to develop a fund raising plan with the Hospital Foundation to pay for the expansion.

McCafferty said that fund raising could take anywhere from eight to twelve months. The anticipated total project cost of expanding the Welch Cancer Center is between $6.5 million to $7.8 million.

Back To The Original Subject

I'm a young doctor finishing my residency training. I grew up in the Sheridan area and loved it and I'm planning to return to practice there as soon as I'm done with my training. I wanted to add my two cents about why I think it makes some sense for the hospital to be recruiting physicians.

-Right now Sheridan has a shortage of primary care doctors. Every patient who is in the hospital for almost any reason other than surgery or having a baby has to have a primary care doctor taking care of them daily as well as on call for any emergencies. This is on top of these doctors operating their office or clinic practice. The work gets spread among them, and because there are only a few right now, some are working 80+ hours a week. So there is truly a need for more primary care doctors to spread this out and make it more manageable. We even risk losing some of the doctors we have right now if things go on as they are.

-Although I think Sheridan is a very nice place to live, it's not somewhere that most people who don't already have a connection to it have heard of. A new doctor is not likely end there without someone at least bringing the area to their attention. This is why recruiting is important and needs to be happening.

-Someone has to do the recruiting. If it is not the hospital then it falls to our local physicians to recruit new docs themselves. That is expensive, time consuming, and in addition what I described them having to do above. If some of them have the time and resources and are willing to do it, I think that is wonderful. However, I don't think they should be expected to do it.

-As someone who just finished medical school, I can attest that having your nose in medical books and spending lots of hours in the hospital does not teach you very much about business. I would be very intimidated to move to a new town and try to start my own practice. I think that makes it more likely that new physicians would be joining an existing practice rather than starting their own.

It's true that a hospital-based primary care clinic will see patients that would otherwise go to a local doctor's office. I don't know how that is affecting their practices, but as I described above there seems to be too much rather than too little work to go around right now. Unless we are going to expect our local private doctors to spend their time and money recruiting new doctors for our community, I think it is most appropriate for the hospital to do it.

I think Sheridan is a great place to live and I hope to be back there as soon as I can, but I grew up there. If we're going to get more doctors in Sheridan, however, someone has to be spreading the word to people who have not heard of it.


The point is moot. This is about the principle not about the point. Even paranoia can be a useful tool. There is nothing to defend, just an idea I have in a specific situation. Any normal or so called abnormal person would come to the same conclusion. Unless you have absolute control over everybody at Sheridan Media you will never know what has or has not been done.

I suppose I will ask the khans myself when I run into them someday and the truth shall be known. Unless they do not have the back bone to reveal the truth, then I will be back at square number one suspect. I should have not have tossed that letter in the garbage. Hopefully my memory stays healthy

Otherwise a slap back for the slap I received from the original slap. No more violence today. Time to get back on topic. Good day to you.

Good idea. Whenever

Good idea. Whenever possible, it is usually best to go to the source instead of making assumptions.

So tell us?

What was it that you did for a living or lack of here? I don't have a PhD (I seriously doubt your's too) and i find it very easy to make a living and get along with people here. Sheridan is no worse or better than any other place that I've lived. Which includes places like Yakima,WA;Boulder,CO;Ft. Lauderdale,FL and Gillette. Life is what you make of it, if you sit around and blame everybody else for your failures it's not going to matter where you live. I don't own a horse or know anything about one and my family and I have activities to do every weekend if we so desire. Like Steve has asked you a number of times, if SHR is so bad, why do you hang around this site??


thanks steve and i give you extra credit for using big words.. for Mr/ Ms Zebra thank you for your insight however i left because:

1.nice people here 2 more money 3 lower cost of living 4 better schools 5 social activites that dont involve a horse 5 fewer drunks..
now as far as "smarts" go. I have a PhD mr/ms zebra do u???????


How about holding responses to well thought out responses and imformative information rather than personal attacks. People seem to personalize rather than listen and all becomes irritation.

We have blocked a few people

We have blocked a few people because they seem to be incapable of posting their opinions without personally attacking someone. Our policy is that if you are going to go after an individual on this site, you must do so using your real name.

In every single instance, before these posters were blocked, they were given the opportunity to have their statements published under their real names. In every one of those cases, rather than agree to those terms they have cried "censorship" and accused us of manipulating posts to promote some unspecified agenda.

So far our "sad" friend is following in their footsteps.


I don't know for sure if I have ever had a comment blocked but I will say that this site is quite lenient in the comments allowed. This is a good thing, some of us don't have a fancy way of saying things but, by excluding profanity and obnoxious meaningless posts, I think that the people that run this site do a pretty good job of letting people 'speak their piece"!

I am sorry....

who did i attack? i believe you need read your own post. apparently you dont screen your own work. secondly it is very foolish of you to ask someone to use their real name. What if someone harms them simply because they stated their opinion? It would be your fault. I hope you there have a good lawyer. what you have is censoship plan and simply and you are just angry when someone calls you on it. By the way here is my real name: Donald Duck.... Happy?

Posting opinions

We feel that if your statement is important enough that you want to make it public on this website, it should also be important enough for you to stand behind it. It is too easy for people to post completely false statements about individuals when they are not held accountable for what they say. We used to allow anonymous unregistered viewers of the site to post comments and it quickly became a libelous free-for-all. As a result we now require registration before posting, and we don't allow people to go after someone anonymously. If you don't want to be "censored" then don't hide behind a fake name.

If your "opinions" are so dangerous that you fear for your safety because of them, then you probably shouldn't put them on this site.

I agree, I think it might be

I agree, I think it might be a lot better discourse here if posters were required to use their real names. I'm sure it would still be great discourse just a little more civil.

Good to use real name

I like using my name. Some people like what I say and others whine and cry. Even some like the kahns from Gillete (via USPS) tried to threaten me with a lawsuit and I told them to bring it on and stop being a crybaby. An oppinion is just an oppinion and the statement does not become libelous unless it is done with the intention of causeing harm. I wonder who gave out my mailing address? The radio station is one of the very few who actually have my address. I do have my suspects.

All who post on this site will be censored according to the sites policies and guidlines. With or without your name.

I fear for my safety, when I drive, when I walk, during thunderstorms and a multitude of other things in life. If some crackhead wants to harm me over my opinion then so be it. I will not go down without a fight. Better to die on my feat then to live on me knees. I look forward to the challenge. I doubt it will happen but you never know. I have a good idea.

I agree with you fully

I agree with you fully (except for the part about us giving out your address). If you can't be proud of what you are saying then you probably shouldn't be saying it.


in typical sheridan fashion, people are more concerned with "who said what" than what is being said. All i see here is a desire to demonize someone for their opinion. simply stated, if u dont say the right things in good ole sheridan you dont belong, or you must be stupid, a malcontent, or darwin was right. I really didnt see mr sisson go after those comments yet he readily attacked any comment that was not favorable of sheridan town. this reinforces the perception that your city is a closed minded, bigoted community where only the "born and raised" can thrive. sad but true.

I consider comments by a

I consider comments by a person who can't put his name behind them to be irrelevant.

I'm not sure what comments

I'm not sure what comments you are talking about. However, this brings us back to the original question which you still have not answered: If Sheridan is such a terrible place - which you claim to have gladly left - then why are you still hanging around this site?

Not an argument

Hey, I just use my deductive reasoning skills on the address thingy. Since my name and address is unpublished and I know the khans have some pull with Mr. Kim Love and Sheridan media. I cant even find my address when I do a search on myself via internet. Yes indeed, I am not a total fool. I call it how I see it. Perception is everything. Maybe even part paronoid. Be proud of what you say or keep your pie hole shut is the way I put it, but pretty much the same. . Peace

I respect your honesty in

I respect your honesty in taking ownership of your statements. I'm also glad you acknowledge that paranoia is probably a factor in your deductions.

Thanks. I think?

My paranoia has not failed me thus far. Knowing how people in general feel white lies do no count towards their moral integrity, it is not at all surprising that circumstances would arise where someone would have inadvertently released a telephone number or address, especially if they were also threatened with some frivolous suit. This is in general, it is not specific to sheridan media. Could happen to anyone at any business at any time. A pat on my back for the honesty and an underlying slap in my face for my paranoia, beautiful contrast. Life is grand.

Keep an open mind. As you know anything is possible especially when humans are involved. If we all could just own up to our mistakes we could move on to a better level. That is fundamental truth. Otherwise thanks to sheridan media for a place to comment or vent opinions.

A slap for a slap. We

A slap for a slap. We didn't give your address to the Khans. But we're both balanced now with one compliment and one slap in the face each.

Recent Grad

As a recent graduate of Medical School in the Midwest and a Sheridan area native I can say that the appeal to be a young doctor in Wyoming is great. I would have loved to come back and work where I grew up, however, when other states and communities are far more affordable to live in and there is a larger population to serve it ends up being hard to come back to Wyoming. I am currently working in an ER that sees 5-10 times the number of patients per day that sheridan sees in a week so I get so much more expeience than I would if I was to work at this new clinic in Sheridan. Long story short, is that to get the experience to be comfortable working in an intimate environment such as Sheridan you need to work in a setting with more trauma/incidents.

thanks for asking..

if i didnt follow your site that would cut your readership down to 3 people so you should be glad i read it....... secondly you are very cocky for a DJ in a a very very small market in Podunk Wyoming who spends most of is time saying "yes Mr Love",You may feel you are a big shot in sheridan but i found you and many of your peers to be just another graduate of the Columbia School of Broadcasting...... as such my post are free of vulgarity and i have every right to state my opinion just as you do... so I will continue to state my opinion and you keep sucking up to Sheridan so folks will listen and when u decide to block my post i will complain endlessly to those who provide you with a license. Hope that cleared it up for ya Steeeevie!


This sounds like a person that came to SHR thinking that we all fell off the beet wagon yesterday!! Then reality set in that we are from a small town but smart enough to see a fool. "Sad" failed in SHR because he/she wasn't smart enough or lacked the skills needed to survive. Darwin was right in this case, natural selection really works and only the strong and intelligent survive.

You didn't actually answer

You didn't actually answer my question, but you did provide a great deal more insight than I was expecting.

Most of your recent posts have been blocked because - just like this one - they ARE vulgar, i.e., lacking taste and refinement. As such, they are not conducive to the level of civility we would prefer to maintain on this site.

If your endless complaints are as eloquent as your last post I'm sure they will garner an appropriate response.


your arrogance is amazing... i see that being in charge of this site gives u a sense of power...civility? LOL you are not rush limbaugh and you never will be. you are a small town DJ whose big story is the friday nite football score. Just because u disagree u state my input doesnt meet your level of taste and refinement? I guess if i sang the praises of your city and station that would be ok huh? so go for it.... block me.. I will not take garbage off of a radio station gofer.

oh and btw, i kept copies of all your responses so when i send in my babbling complaint in i will be sure and attach them.

I'm not sure what Rush

I'm not sure what Rush Limbaugh has to do with people acting like boars on our web site, but I no longer expect coherent replies from you. At any rate, I'm flattered that you find us important enough to keep coming back and participating in comments here.


Wow "sad", you seem to think quite highly of yourself and your opinions! 3 people? I really think there are a lot more than 3, most likely a lot of people don't post, just read.



First, thank you Steve. I think you just said what a lot of people think.

As far as the doctors, it is great that we are trying to get more doctors into town. However, I disagree with having the hospital recruit them so they can be employed by the hospital and competing with our local docs that have been loyal to the patients here. It is not easy to run a medical practice when the hospital uses it vast resources to compete with the smaller offices. We would actually love to continue to see our small town doctors with their small town offices prosper as well. Instead, we are seeing the hospital take over all aspects of healthcare in this town. Many in the know have seen this going on for some time and it is sad to see. The net effect is recruiting new docs to be associated with the hospital, forcing out the docs in private practice. Not such a good idea I think. That is clearly where we are headed.



Thank you, Mr. Sisson!

You couldn't have stated it better.


what doctor would move his or her family to such an unfriendly, prejudice place such as sheridan? If you do con someone into signing a contract i bet they will be gone as soon as it ends. Understand, you fair city is about as appealing as a backed up toilet.

Perhaps you can explain

Perhaps you can explain something to me:

You claim to have happily left this "backed up toilet," yet you return to this site almost daily and complain about how terrible everything is. If you were so eager to leave, why are you still here?

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