Pet Owners: Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

One of the hottest summers on record has certainly affected many across the country, as well here in Wyoming. Our four legged friends no doubt haven't enjoyed what seems like oven like heat since early June, as animals can suffer from heat stroke much easier than most humans. Veterinarian Shawn Tatman with Moxey-Schreiber Veterinary Hospital says there are a few signs that pet owners can look for.

Tatman says that prior to taking the animal to a veterinarian, there are a few things that you can do to help your pet if you witness signs of heat stroke.

Tatman said that the worst thing that people can do is to leave their dog in their vehicle, as inside a vehicle even with the windows rolled down, temperatures can reach dangerous levels in a matter of minutes. He also said that having your dog ride in the bed of the pickup truck is also not a good idea when it's hot because the heat from the truck bed warms their paws, resulting in the animal overheating quickly.

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