Perfect Marriage Anything But

Author Anna Moss wrote this book after learning her "Prince Charming" husband was really a "monster."
Author Anna Moss wrote this book after learning her "Prince Charming" husband was really a "monster."

Author Anna Moss recently published a book entitled Relationship Red Flags. She was host Kim Love's guest on Public Pulse Tuesday to discuss the book and her experience, on which the book was based. As background, she said.

Moss says that while this was her first marriage, she had been in prior serious relationships that had their ups and downs, but were not abusive. Moss describes how the “Prince Charming” she married turned into a “monster.”

Moss indicated that her ex-husband had grown up in a well-to-do family on the east coast and she didn't know what had happened to him, but that he exhibited all of the typical traits that abusive people have.

Other red flags are a winning personality that will mold itself to whatever a women would respond to as a means to deceive. Money, she says, is also a lever a man will use to maintain control. Moss said that another red flag is withholding information – for example in her marriage, she had no idea that he'd been married four times previously. She also could never leave the house without his permission, she didn't have a vehicle or monetary reserves to get away.

Thinking her husband may have been bi-polar, it was information and education from a women's shelter that made her realize she was in an abusive relationship, and after three attempts, she was able to leave.

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