Penny Power Meetings Being Held Prior To Tuesday's Election

Charts show how the one-cent tax benefits many throughout Sheridan County.
Charts show how the one-cent tax benefits many throughout Sheridan County.

With the General Election less than a week away, officials from Sheridan County and the City of Sheridan are holding informational meetings on the One-Cent Optional Sales Tax that is up for renewal on this year's ballot. County Commission Chairman Steve Maier on how important the penny is to Sheridan County.

Maier explains that the tax isn't anything new, and that not much will change if it is renewed next Tuesday.

Maier pointed out during the presentation at the Sheridan Senior Center Tuesday, that the one-cent tax has generated over $87 million for community infrastructure and services since its inception. If the tax is renewed, it's anticipated to generate approximately $25 million over over the next four years.

Another information presentation will be held this evening at 6:30 at the Tongue River Valley Community Center.

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Show Costs

You can be sure that only the "benefits" of the tax will be featured and the costs to taxpayers will not even be mentioned. The officials putting on the meeting are paid by the very tax that they want us to re-impose.
Is it any wonder that all our public servants support the tax? They directly benefit from your tax dollars.

I think it's time for gov't to do the same belt-tightening that we are doing.

A smaller gov't that taxes and spends less is the only way out of this recession.

Do we really want to re-impose this tax on ourselves and our friends....till's the economy looking then?

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

Tax Freedom

I agree that "not much will change" if the tax is re-imposed on us. And it does affect almost everyone, since we all pay it if it's re-imposed.

Spend $25,000 annually and the one-percent tax takes $1,000 from you, during the four yrs. the tax is imposed.

Take $1,000 from 25,000 taxpayers and that is $25 million dollars extracted from the private sector and transferred to gov't, for re-distribution.

Are you getting your $1,000 worth of benefits or are you carrying the load for others.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

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