Paying For Our “Free Lunch”

Paying For Our “Free Lunch”

It is popular in Wyoming to think of yourself as a “fiscal hawk.” Well, it might be that “fiscal piglets” may be more apropos.

Governor Dave Freudenthal was Kim Love's guest on Tuesday's Public Pulse program. He said that although “in Wyoming...we talk about with pride that we are a conservative state, whether you are Republican or Democrat,” he questioned how true this perception actually is:

And he adds that this attitude often carries over to even more basic services:

However, proposals to increase Wyoming's fuel tax in order to generate revenue to fund Wyoming's aging highways...

And, even though Wyoming's “gas tax” is one of the lowest in the country, raising it enough, he says:

Wyoming's budget is currently being drafted for the upcoming fiscal year; if you would like to make comments or recommendations, contact the Governor's office.

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your tax dollars go to the theater to support sheridan elite. the gov is right, many people in wyo are delusional. i heard so much bout that good ole friendly wyo attitude and what a great little town sheridan was. well neither were true. i found a group of elitest, bigots, backstabbing liars. sheridan and wyo love the federal dollars just like everyone else. stop fooling yourselves- you like the dollars, your rude, nasty,elitest!

The last time I checked,

The last time I checked, anyone with $10 in their pocket could go to a theater show. If that's your definition of "elite" then I can see why you think Sheridan is full of elitists.

Cato, you should read and

Cato, you should read and listen to the story you are commenting on--one of the points is that the "user fees" are not sufficient to cover these costs. So you would really like to live in a community with no public library, no hospital, no roads, no water infrastructure? One problem is people on both ends of the political spectrum do not understand the true costs of these services--user fees would have to skyrocket, (listen to Fredenthal's comment about how people react when their user fees for water services go up) which still probably wouldn't even work, because many facilities need a substantial original capital investment--roads may be maintained with huge user fees, but they would not work at all for initial construction.

Cato, However, the "gas tax"


However, the "gas tax" does not even come close to paying for road upkeep. Also, you mentioned earlier about you paying for your visits to the hospital...Cato, the hospital WOULD NOT EXIST without tax funding. Not even close. Do you have any idea how much these things cost? Same for lots of other things. Maybe we should go to a user fee system...but the fees would have to be much, much, higher for them to actually pay for what you use. Maybe if we go to $25 a gallon gas, that may start to come close to funding highways. I don't know how much it would be, but if you think the measly "user fee" tax on gas we currently pay actually amounts to anything close to what is needed...

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

We don't have "free education" someone pays for it. The tax on gas is used for road construction. That's called a user fee and is the closest thing to a "good" tax. If you drive on the roads, then you should pay for the upkeep.
It's the opposite case for the one-percent tax. It is imposed on everybody buying things in Sheridan Co., regardless of the fact that they may not use the parks, paths of whatever the money goes to.

Making the single guy pay for juvenile justice is wrong. Making the county rancher pay for city paths, that he never uses, is wrong.

Paying for the theater with tax dollars is wrong. People going to the theater buy tickets and that is the only money the theater should get.

Giving public money to private groups is wrong.

Funding "nice to haves" thru forced taxation, instead of voluntary donations is wrong.

Re-imposing the Mandatory One Percent (MOP) Tax is wrong in so many ways that we can't even imagine how it's been re-imposed for two decades. Time to clean up the MOP Tax.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

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