Panek Presents New View of Universe At SC

(Photo courtesy of NASA)
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Richard Panek, acclaimed scientific author and national speaker, thinks 96 percent of the universe is missing.

In a speech delivered to the community in the nearly full C-TEL auditorium of Sheridan College, Panek explained creation as we know it may not be what we think.

By orating the scientific and mathematical intricacies of two competing research teams, Panek explained in layman's terms only a small fraction of the universe is comprised of matter. The research he discussed is still under scientific scrutiny in some circles, but is quickly being accepted and used as a standard to build new models of the universe and

Panek's references to “dark energy” and “dark matter” refer to unknown elements that comprise the majority of the universe. Scientists know it's there because it behaves distinctly different from matter as it is presently defined.

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