Overeaters Anonymous Confronts Food Addiction

(photo by Tracee Davis)
(photo by Tracee Davis)

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that, in 2010, 35.7 percent of Americans are obese, and another 33.3 percent of people are overweight. In fact, the United States ranks number one worldwide for overeating.

While much of it has to do with cultural influences and an abundance of fat-laden foods readily available, there's another contributing factor many people overlook: food addiction.

That was Kathy, a spokesperson for Sheridan's chapter of Overeaters Anonymous. The group meets each Tuesday at the First Christian Church in Sheridan, and follows a modified 12-step program based off of similar programs structured to combat alcoholism. While it's true that many Americans overindulge, a compulsive overeater lives the life of an addict.

OA is a program of attraction, rather than active recruitment. That means that in order for participants to benefit from the group, they first have to want to stop their compulsions. The group doesn't really have formalized leadership, but rather depends upon its participants to build a relationship of trust and provide support to each other.

Anyone with a food addiction who's ready to confront their habit is invited to the group's weekly meetings. For more information, call (307)217-2872.

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