Osborne Trial: First Witness Takes Stand

Shawn Osborne is on trial for the alleged 1st Degree Murder of Gerald Bloom
Shawn Osborne is on trial for the alleged 1st Degree Murder of Gerald Bloom

The State called their first witness to the stand Monday afternoon in the 1st Degree Murder Trial of Shawn Osborne. David Widiker-Fausset testified that he had worked with Osborne at Clear Creek Well Service out of Buffalo and that he and Osborne were drinking buddies that were with one another the night Gerald Bloom was killed.

Fausset testified that after a long night of drinking with Osborne, they ended up at 1075 Bellevue Avenue, where he watched Osborne enter the room where Bloom was sleeping and wrestle with him before slitting his throat twice and then stabbing him in the throat multiple times.

Fausset also testified that one of the occupants of the trailer, Dee Himes, stood outside of the room where the murder occurred and was yelling hysterically shortly after the incident took place. Fausset's testimony also included a detailed account of Osborne dragging Bloom's body out of the trailer in a red sleeping bag and putting it in a crawlspace underneath the trailer.

Also during his testimony, Fausset said that after Osborne put the body under the trailer, he passed out in the living room of the trailer, and Fausset then left. Fausset also said that Osborne told him that he'd "never felt better" when they met for breakfast later that morning at the Silver Spur, and that Osborne told him that he intended to use his dad's truck to haul Bloom's body to Lake DeSmet, where he was going to get rid of it by dumping it in the lake.

During cross-examination Defense Attorney Robert Jones had Fausset recount the events of the night of January 14th and what ensued in the early morning hours of the 15th. He also probed Fausset about just how much and what type of alcohol he and Osborne had consumed prior to the alleged murder.

A most unusual circumstance occurred during Fausset's testimony: a large photo of Gerald Bloom's deceased father was placed on a bench in the gallery in clear view of the Jury and the Court. While admitting it was inappropriate, Prosecuting Attorney Matt Redle said that the photograph of Bloom's father was displayed by a family member to grant his wish to attend the trial. Bloom's father passed away just two weeks ago.

Defense Attorney Robert Jones called for a mistrial in the case, which Judge John Fenn denied. However; Fenn, after excusing the Jury for a short time to confer with Counsel, did instruct the Jury to disregard any type of display or actions from those seated in the gallery.

The 1st Degree Murder Trial is scheduled to last through Friday.

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