Osborne Trial: Day Two Testimony

Osborne Trial: Day Two Testimony

Testimony in the 1st Degree Murder Trial of 29-year-old Sheridan resident Shawn Osborne began Tuesday with Forensic Pathologist Dr. Donald Habbe from Rapid City, South Dakota talking about the significance of the wounds that Gerald Bloom sustained. Dr. Habbe said that the autopsy showed that Bloom's throat had been slit twice with a knife, and that he had been stabbed in the throat multiple times. Dr. Habbe also testified that there were signs of blunt force trauma to the head, neck, and face, and that a drug and alcohol screen came back negative on Bloom.

The second witness the State called was Jesse Sears, who was dating Osborne at the time of the alleged crime. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Darci Arsene questioned Sears about the night of January 14, 2010. Sears said that she, Osborne and David Widiker-Fausset had been drinking at Rails and My Buddy's Place that night. They had also consumed alcohol at her residence in Sheridan just prior to Osborne and Widiker-Fausset going to the trailer at 1079 Bellevue. Sears said that they were all drunk, but nothing more than usual. Sears also described breakfast at the Silver Spur on the morning of the 15th as nothing out of the ordinary.

The owner of the trailer, Dennis David, also took the stand Tuesday. He said that he knew the defendant for about a year and a half and that both Osborne and Bloom were living at his trailer at the time of the incident. David said that on the night of the 14th, he and his girlfriend Dee Himes had a quiet dinner and watched a movie before retiring for the evening. David explained that Osborne woke him up during the early morning hours of January 15th, and asked him for duct tape because he had “done” Gerald.

David also explained that he and Himes went to the truck stop to purchase cigarettes shortly after the crime occurred, and were gone for about an hour. When asked why he didn't call the authorities, he replied that he was still in denial of what had taken place. He also stated that he and Dee feared for their safety. Dennis David also testified that he was with Osborne when he purchased the folding knife at Rocky Mountain Discount Sports that was used in the crime.

David said that he did not go out for breakfast with the others later in the morning on the 15th. He said he was in his trailer sleeping, and that he was not woken up until around 4 pm by the police at his trailer. David also admitted to not being completely honest with investigators initially because he was “frazzled".

Further witness testimony included Dee Himes, who is Dennis David's girlfriend and was one of the occupants of the trailer on Bellevue. Himes said that she cooked dinner for David and Bloom and turned in early the evening of the 14th, before being woken up by Osborne during the early morning hours of the 15th. She said she got out of bed and witnessed Bloom laying on the floor in his bedroom with blood all over and his throat slit.

Himes also stated that Osborne's clothes were covered in blood and that when she asked him "what in the hell he had done," he responded by saying "'it's just Gerald, nobody would give a damn.'" Osborne also told Dee that he wouldn't be a true serial killer until he “did” three, and that John Neal would be next. Himes also testified that she gave Osborne a ride to where his dad worked to get some money, and that they stopped at the Silver Spur for breakfast before going back to the trailer.

Himes explained that when John Neal showed up at the trailer on the afternoon of the 15th, that that's when she and Neal drove to the Sheridan Police Station to report what had happened some 12 hours after the alleged crime occurred.

During cross-examination, Defense Attorney Robert Jones questioned Himes on the details of what ensued shortly after the alleged murder took place and what happened later that day. Himes said the reason she hadn't reported the incident to the authorities was because she didn't want to leave Osborne alone at the trailer; she feared that he would kill whoever showed up next.

Law Enforcement officials from the Sheridan Police Department and the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office wrapped up Tuesday's testimony, explaining the arrest that took place on the afternoon of the 15th and the ensuing investigation. Testimony Wednesday will include several experts from the State Crime Lab in Cheyenne.

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Breakfast... really?

All these people present at the seen did nothing but run his butt around and go for breakfast? Why are these people walking around free? Something is wrong with the law enforcement/judicial system here! Lock them all up! Let's all be glad a loved one of ours is not involved with a drunken good time around here with friends like these. A dead man thrown under your porch and you don't report it for a half day! Remember...
Everybody has to meet the maker.


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