Osborne Trial Day Three: State Crime Lab Testimony

Osborne Trial Day Three: State Crime Lab Testimony

Day three in the 1st Degree Murder Trial of Sheridan resident Shawn Osborne consisted of testimony throughout the morning from experts with the State Crime Lab in Cheyenne. Part of that testimony was a previously recorded video deposition from DNA Analyst Scott McWilliams with the State Crime Lab, who could not be present at the trial due to a prior engagement.

McWilliams' testimony included him talking about the various DNA tests that were performed on the defendant and the defendant's bloody clothes. McWilliams confirmed that swabs of blood from the crime scene, along with blood on the defendant's arms and clothes were consistent with Gerald Bloom's DNA.

Swabs from the bloodstained carpet from inside the bedroom where the murder took place were also tested, and also confirmed as being consistent with Bloom's DNA. The State rested their case after the video deposition.

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