Optimum Discussing Greenleaf Service With Buffalo Council

Optimum Discussing Greenleaf Service With Buffalo Council

Optimum Cable Service has the latest Franchise Agreement from the City of Buffalo, and City Attorney Ben Kirven said they will be looking the agreement over and giving the city a decision soon.

The city has been trying to get an updated agreement with the cable provider for some time, but circumstances at the cable company have prevented them from getting to the agreement earlier.

Part of the agreement and negotiations included getting cable service to the Greenleaf Subdivision, which has intermittent service at best. Other areas of the city are also not able to get cable service for various reasons, and the city wants clarification on why.

Mayor Randy Dyess said at the meeting that the city told Optimum that the Greenleaf situation was just one exaple of what was wrong with the system and the city was not interested in discussing the agreement further unless they were willing to provide a solution to the problems, including Greenleaf.

The council discussed the issue further.

The city and officials from Optimum Cable will schedule a meeting to discuss the issues further after the company has a chance to review the revised agreement.


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