One-Cent Survey Results Include “Greater Input from the Public”

One-Cent Survey Results Include “Greater Input from the Public”

The results of the 2010 “Optional One-Cent Sales Tax Community Values Survey” are out. Melissa Butcher, with PB Consulting says with this survey, they didn't ask questions about particular entities or programs, but rather what people's general values are:

Melissa says the survey showed public safety and fire protection to be the most highly-valued services:

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Greater Input?

So, 14,000 surveys were sent out and only 8% were returned. That's what, about a hundred? Guess that's "a greater input" than zero, but is a very poor showing of support for the tax.
At least the hundred or so public servants and their staffs returned theirs. But then, they get to divy up the loot, so have a vested interest, right?

Those trying to liberate us from the tax are hardly going to return the "survey"....especially since we'd have to buy the stamp.

Maybe 92% of the voters are planning to "Free Sheridan."
Remember: Freedom in November.



Has it gotten that bad that freedom must be explained and America?
Ok, we are a nation that is different from every other one on earth. We place the individaul at the top of the power pyramid. In 1776, we replaced the devine right of kings with the divine right of the people.
We are free to do anything we want, so long as we don't trample the same and equal rights of our neighbor's.
When a tax is imposed on those that didn't vote for it, then freedom is trampled. If we buy something, we must fork over some of our money, against our will. That's called stealing and is a theft of liberty. Even if it's only one-percent and even if it goes to "good causes", if the person objected to it's confiscation, then it is forced from him, thus theft. Freedom is stolen from the person.
A growing number of us will choose freedom over force, when we have the option.
Remember: Freedom in November.


I'm going to vote against

I'm going to vote against the tax, because I think government needs a kick in the pants. Having said that without some government and some taxes we end up with anarchy at worst, or a pseudo feudal system at best. I sure have no problem with taxes paying for things like fire departments, police, or common areas like parks and trails. What I do have a problem with is gouging the public with needless building inspections, or legal bills because the mayor can't manage to get along with the city employees. County and city government would do well to remember that it is we the tax payer who foot the bill. I'll be encouraging everyone I know to vote no on the one cent sales tax in November.

Me Too

I'm in the process of laying out more than a dozen good reasons to stop imposing this tax on ourselves and our good neighbors. It's immoral to force your will on others, is it not? We need to spell out the evils that this regressive sales tax burdens us with. It is especially punishing on fixed-income, low-income and people who are unable to avail themselves of any of the so-called benefits.
Pro-taxers defend the tax, by saying it helps those in need, like the low income. The very people the tax hits the hardest, are supposed to benfit from it. Does that make sense? It's what the gov't always does. It cripples a person, then offers a crutch. Subsidized, no less, by the very people it supposes to help. Go figure.
Wouldn't it be more efficient to just let them keep their money, in the first place.
I see a growing number of voters re-examining the ineffeciency of gov't-run, wealth re-distribution programs.
Here's a good question to ask. Do you favor forced taxation or voluntary donations to raise money for good causes? Which is more in-line with a peaceful and free country?
I wonder how many will honestly look their friends and neighbors in the eye and say, "I'm voting to re-impose the tax on you."
That's exactly the crux of the matter. That some "good" may be done, after the forced confiscation of private money, is irrelevent.
I'm proudly telling everyone I meet, "I'm voting to free us from this tax."
What'll it be Sheridan? Force or Freedom? Tax Liberation Day is Nov. 2.
Now more than ever we need to talk about this tax and the implications of re-imposing it.....until July, 2015.
Remember: Freedom in November.


What is Freedom? One of the

What is Freedom? One of the things I value most is Freedom, as well. However, could you define your use of the term "Freedom"? I am not sure whether or not we are talking about the same thing....

Values Freedom

The thing I value the most is Freedom. Without freedom, nothing else really matters. The freedom to keep what you've earned is a core American value. The freedom to decide how one's money is spent, is a core property right. If the tax is re-imposed, it tramples those individual rights. I'll choose freedom over force, every time I'm given the option.


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