Old Courthouse Building Re-Opened Today

Late Tuesday morning employees in the Sheridan County Clerk of Circuit Court’s office opened their mail and found an envelope containing a suspicious white powder. The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Deputy on site, was notified and immediately called in the report. Sheriff Dave Hofmeier explains the situation.

Teams were called in from the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office, Sheridan Emergency Management, Sheridan Fire-Rescue and Hazmat. Under the direction of Sheriff Dave Hofmeier and Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Coleman, HAZMAT teams began a thorough search of the Clerk’s offices and started testing the white substance found in the envelope. Courthouse employees were checked by Sheridan Fire-Rescue and then allowed to leave the building.

The response may seem like an overreaction since the powder appears to be inert, but prudence suggests that law enforcement treat it as a serious health risk no matter the circumstances.

Samples of the powder were taken to the state health lab in Cheyenne overnight. The HAZMAT team determined that the substance was not a hazard to human health and all sections of the courthouse are open today.

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White Powder @ Courthouse

So you didn't like the fine the Judge gave you? If you weren't doing something wrong in the first place.....what a jerk! Now you definately won't like the Judge for putting your sorry a_ _ in jail.


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