Officials Briefed on Poll Results

Sonoran Institute Project Manager John Heyneman
Sonoran Institute Project Manager John Heyneman

The Sonoran Institute and the Nature Conservancy partnered to commission an outside firm to conduct a poll to survey Sheridan County residents to gauge support for the Optional One Cent Sales Tax that is up for renewal this year. 300 random registered voters were surveyed by telephone over a three-day period in late May. The results of that poll were presented to City and County officials Wednesday afternoon.

Project Manager with the Sonoran Institute, John Heyneman, says that the majority of those polled were in favor of renewing the tax if some portion of the funding be used for conservation of natural areas.

Protecting and restoring the water quality of rivers, streams and creeks was what the survey indicated as being the top project that voters would like to see funded through the tax. Heyneman explains that he'll be providing the results of the poll to the outlying communities within the County soon.

The poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, a national political and public affairs research firm that was founded in 1991. The firm has conducted more than five million interviews with voters and consumers in all fifty states and over two dozen foreign countries.


Rebel is a broken record!!! I see his name & skip him after the first sentence.


Missing Good Logic

Seems logical and well reasoned. But then, one must read the entire post to fully evaluate it.
Keeping taxes high is a sure sign of a failing society.
Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....


Does the nature conservancy accept voluntary donations?
If so, then why have additional, forced-taxation as a fund raising method?


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