Office Of Consumer Advocate Recommends Reduced Rate Increase For Customers Of MDU

The Office of Consumer Advocate filed testimony this week recommending to the Public Service Commission that the proposed utility rate increase by MDU be much smaller than what the company requested. OCA Administrator Bryce Freeman explains what was recommended.

The recommendation for the smaller annual revenue increase means that the average customer would incur an increase of 8%, opposed to the 31% that MDU was proposing. Freeman says that they are also recommending a decrease in the requested rate of return.

Freeman went on to say that while the OCA acknowledges MDU's need to earn a reasonable return on its investment in WYGEN III, it needs to do so in a manner which mitigates adverse impacts on customers. Freeman feels that the OCA's proposal accomplishes this goal.

The Wyoming Public Service Commission will hold a public meeting in Sheridan on February 10th at 4:30 pm. The meeting has been moved to the C-TEL presentation hall at Sheridan College to accommodate a larger crowd.

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How about no increase, this

How about no increase, this election I'll be voting against all incumbents.

Don't you think that was

Don't you think that was always the endgame ? You make it look like your giving the customer a break, even with the 8% ... It's all a mind game to cover up the fact that the cost should be going down with the glut of natural resources Wyoming has on hand...

What a suprise.MDU tries to

What a suprise.MDU tries to hose the consumer on their bill by asking for the sky and it gets reduced to a fraction of what they were originally asking for,rather then tell MDU NO on any increase period.

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