Occupy Sheridan

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Occupy Sheridan

In what has now turned into a global effort, Occupy Wall Street has shown up in our little corner of the world. On a blustery Saturday afternoon, a couple dozen protestors showed up in front of the Wells Fargo Bank to lend their support to the ongoing demonstrations.

Audrey Malan from Dayton was part of Occupy Sheridan and believes part of the issue is our banks.

She fears our middle class is slipping away.

David Romtvedt was at Wells Fargo. For him, Occupy Wall Street has become a vehicle of discussion.

The Occupy Wall Street's slogan has become “We are the 99%,” referring to the difference in wealth between the rich 1% and the rest of our population. Romtvedt sees the disparity.

Malan doesn't like being harvested.

Romvedt says conversation births action.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement began September 17th in New York.

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