Northeast Enforcement Team And Sheridan County Sheriff's Office Arrest Husband And Wife On Drug Charges

On Thursday January 14th, members of the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office and the Northeast Enforcement Team arrested Nicholas and Jennifer Edwards both age 33, for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver/marijuana, possession of a controlled substance/methamphetamine and child endangerment. Nicholas Edwards was also charged with delivery of a controlled substance/marijuana.

A search warrant executed at the Edwards' residence in Sheridan, resulted in the seizure of approximately a half gram of methamphetamine, three ounces of marijuana and other suspected illegal drug related paraphernalia. Also seized from the their vehicle was approximately two ounces of marijuana, a digital scale and other illegal drug related paraphernalia.

Nicholas and Jennifer Edwards were transported to the Sheridan County Detention Center where they are both being held on a $15,000 cash only bond. The arrests were the result of an ongoing investigation by the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office and the Northeast Enforcement Team.

Police State

Welcome to the Police State!

oh ya

They will walk out of the court room with a large fine maybe a month in jail and probation! Then when they are getting arrested again everyone will wonder why? I'm very pleased with the Sheridan county police department, the judges not so much


Now sit back and watch them get little or no jail time and a token fine. It is not the law enforcement, it is the judges and lawyers that are keeping these types on the streets.


Thank you very much for saying what needed to be said! Thank you OFFICERS!!!!

where is all the opinoins now?

ok come on now where is the PRAISE DUE to our LAW ENFORCEMENT now???????? sure quick to jump on them when things bad happen. here they have made another positive step in the never ending world of drugs. my hat is off to them for doing their best to keep Sheridan a safe place to live. THANK YOU SHERIDAN LAW ENFORCEMENT

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