No More "ROFLing" Behind The Wheel in Wyoming

No More "ROFLing" Behind The Wheel in Wyoming

Wyoming is now officially the 20th state in the Union to outlaw texting while driving. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has more

According to some studies, texting while driving may be even more dangerous than drunk driving. Obviously, individual circumstances vary, but if you are focused on typing R-O-F-L—Rolling on the Floor Laughing for those of you who are not up on the texting lingo--while driving, you may actually end up rolling on the floor—or road—but probably won't be laughing:

Lieutenant Chris Dahmke with the Sheridan Police Department does add, however, texting and driving may be less of a problem locally than in bigger cities. Still, drivers who are caught violating Wyoming's new law face a $75 fine. But, since it is a primary offense, it is less clear how accident-less violators will be caught:

He also adds that if you simply must text while behind the wheel:

Though most studies, as well as common sense, indicate texting and driving is hazardous for all occupants on the roadways, the reports are mixed on how effective these anti-texting laws are in reducing texting-related auto accidents.

I dont see..

I see people here without seatbelts, kids riding bikes with no helments,and people working on multiple DUIs. How in the heck is law enforcement gonna enforce this. Dont get me wrong it is a good idea. Ihave many times in the past year almost been hit by someone chatting on their cell phones...


I'd say Betsy Love is "not up on the texting lingo." Rolling on the Laughing Floor???

Oh, come on sheridan2000.

Oh, come on sheridan2000. Are you serious?

Maybe the law is geared

Maybe the law is geared toward Muppets, so Rowlf can no longer text while driving.

I changed it.

I changed it.

Without a doubt texting

Without a doubt texting while driving is stupid, but did we really need a law specificly for this? Isn't screwing with the radio distracting too? Messing with the GPS? Doing your hair?

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