No Decision From Jo Co on G&F Lease Of Lake DeSmet

No Decision From Jo Co on G&F Lease Of Lake DeSmet

The Johnson County Commission hosted a public discussion with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at their regular meeting Tuesday morning.

After reconvening the meeting in the courtroom to accommodate the larger crowd, the commissioners discusssed their concerns with Mark Fowden and Paul Mavrakis with G&F.

After presenting their concerns over the 99-year lease, the amount of money that will be paid by the G&F, shoreline management and liability in case of catstrauphic failure at the reservoir, and the possible tax liability to the counties that could stem from the lease, the G&F officials addressed each of the concerns.

Although there are still some differences in opinion on the specific concerns, Mark Fowden, Chief of Fisheries with Wyoming G&F, said the differences could still be worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

The County Commissioners said they will take everything under advisement, but couldn't make a decision because a recent revision in the lease agreement has not been forwarded to them yet. They will review the revised lease agreement and will look into the possible tax liabilities and other legal ramifications before making a decision on the lease, which is expected to come at the next commission meeting later this month.

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