Health Center Program Targets Obesity

Health Center Program Targets Obesity

Johnson County Healthcare Center, as part of the Affordable Care Act, will be required to implement a ”health improvement project” which will hopefully improve people's health through weight-management.

The initiative is being implemented at the county and state level with the help of the Prevention Management Organization to help people deal with issues pertaining to obesity.

County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Schueler spoke to the Board of Health at their last meeting, saying it is a touchy area but a major health concern for the country. The hope is to help as many patients as possible but to especially appeal to those young enough that can still make a major difference in their health.

The program is called “The Weight of the Nation,” and is described by Schueler as a program that raises the awareness of the health issues surrounding obesity and what people can do to be less prone to the problem.

There is a huge amount of research and money spent on weight-loss strategies, and studying hormonal and genetic factors, but so far he said, a “magic bullet” hasn't been found.
One thing that does make sense, he thought, is financial motivation or to tie the weight loss to patient's pocketbooks.
His opinion is that weight loss may have more to do with personal values, but human behavior is complex and there are a lot of overlapping factors, he said.

More on the program will be coming in the following months.

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