New NWCCD Trustees Get “Promised In”

New NWCCD Trustees Get “Promised In”

Norleen Healy, Bob Leibrich, Scott Ludwig, and Jerry Iekel -- who swore in over the phone -- took their oath of office as the newly elected Northern Wyoming Community College District Trustees last night at Sheridan College. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story:

The event was apparently a mild and casual affair. The swearing in —- or, as one joked, “promising in,” because they don't like swearing -- of the trustees did not draw a huge crowd. Nor did it lure dozens of reporters from media outlets as far away as Beirut. Just one reporter, a few swearees and a handful of other folks.

But even if this “promising in” appeared unassuming, it was also a good reminder that often appearances are, well, just what they are, appearances. As Oath Administrator Judge Heaphy reminds us, unlike their flashier counterparts that snare mass attention, often these “less assuming” events are actually the more profound:

So, except for Jerry Iekel, who is currently in DC, was sworn in over the phone, rather than in person like the other three, or that the one reporter's camera batteries quit before their job was done, you could say this did not seem to be a particularly “eventful” event -- though this appearance belies a more profound significance.

But, if you're like this reporter and have an insistent but also slightly delinquent and insolent curiosity, the trivial can still triumph. You, too, may recall a few years back to another swearing in for a more “extensive” office, which, as you may recall, had an extra “dress rehearsal.”

Covering the frivolous and the significant, for Sheridan Media dot com news, this is Betsy Love reporting.

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