New McDonald's In Sheridan Has Events All Week As Part Of Their Grand Opening

The new McDonald's on the corner of Coffeen and Brundage Lane in Sheridan has a full schedule of events this week as part of their Grand Opening. McDonald's Area Supervisor Larry Storo Jr. explains.

The nightly events this week will all take place from 5:30 to 7 o'clock. Along with the special events, Larry said that there will be a different special each day of the week through the month of February and that during the big celebration on Saturday, there will be drawings for many great prizes, including a Toyota Prius.

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Blah blah blahhhh... It's the only fast food drive thru open 24 hrs. So shut up and go get you summm.. After all it has already been built.. And I'm sure it will be there for ever.. Just deal with it..

New McDonalds

Applebee's? Olive Garden? Really? That's your idea of bringing a good restaurant to town?

Complain, Complain, Complain

To all you people who think this is a bad idea, LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE HERE!!!! The new McDonald's has created new jobs for people and generated money flow within our community. Yes some of the other chains could have came in, but they would not have put into the community what McDonald's has. I see people who want family dining places. We have places such as WCI (Wyoming Culinary Institute) and Perkins. Why can't we be happy and glad with what we have?

Glad to have it there, if

Glad to have it there, if someone else wanted a different restraunt they should have bought the peoperty and built it. When I go to Mcdonalds I always get decent food in a timeley manner and at a good price, and get to eat it somewhere clean and orderly. I also like the TVs on the walls too. I do wish they would hire more local workers as opposed to foreighn guest workers. Kudos on the nice restraunt.

piss and moan from behind the screen of your computer

I comend the Storos on what they have done in this town. All you guys that complain about "another McDonalds" get off your butt,. make a bunch of money and try and do it yourself. If ya dont like McDonalds, dont go there. Dont worry about the fact that they donate money to the local schools, the local library and local charities not to mention spend money on advertising, supplies and countless other service that put money back into peoples pockets in the communities pockets. They have created numerous jobs in a town where they are very much needed. I dont see Olivers,Olivias, 1893, The Pony, The Silver Spur, Pizza Hut, Olies are damn near any other restaurant thats so invested in our communit. Use your head folks. And as for needing a bullet in your head, seriously? Thats hows you liken all of the above to something as terrible as that, your an idiot.

I can see why they built

I can see why they built another McDonalds; there is not much on North Main and who wants to drive from south side of town to pick up food that will be completely cold by the time you get it home. I think their new location will do better than their N Main location because it is more of a prime location. I usually go to Mc Donalds in Wal Mart just because it is closer but it is a pain in the butt with no drive thru, so it will be nice to have one closer with a drive thru. I agree with everyones post though that we needed another McDonalds like we needed a hole in our heads. The positive out come of this new location is that it provided more jobs in this town, which was very much needed. I think the Storos took a big risk building a new McDonalds with the economy the way that it is, it will be interesting if all three survive.

C, B and B's

Haven't you figured it out yet!!
Sheridan is nothing but Churches, banks and bars! (and 3 Mcdonalds). lol

Look around next time you drive up and down these well planned out streets...nothin but churches, bars and banks.

Wouldn't be Sheridan without them!

I have some experience when

I have some experience when it comes to franchises opening like McDonalds and Olive Garden/Applebees (insert any Darden brand restaurant) and I will say that McDonalds is probably the most well researched chain when it comes to forecasting revenue and success levels of an entity. When someone has the franchise rights to a McDonalds, the company does a large regression to see how much the restaurant will make. They use ring studies and 10x more demographic information than the census uses. So basically if the Corporate office forecasts the store will make 1.5 Million in sales then it is most likely going to make 1.5 million in sales.

That being said, if McDonalds feels that a location is not suited for its store then they will not let the Franchisee build there. Think of it this way, why would McDonalds as a corporation let a building open up that won't make money? They get a cut of any profit, so it is in their own best interest for it to be successful.

Before you go and chastise the franchise owners, you should research the corporation and what it takes to open a location. Not anyone can just go in and open a McDonalds anywhere they please. Subway is another story though, it takes about 5,000 cash and a storefront to open a Subway.

Support of Youth

I can't believe that no one has brought up the support the Storos give to our youth! In fact, with all that has been happening with our youth, I even double the kudos. Every year they, (Larry represenative), gives an award at the Jr. High level to a deserving, overall outstanding student. My son has been let off for soccer, snowbaording and other events. They really try to work with the teens. I have had Larry Sr. approach me twice, and tell me how proud I should be of my son. Do you know what the counselor at SHS gave for support there after I, as a parent, asked for a math book? She let my son drop out 6 weeks later, told him "Happy Birthday" and then later left me a message about it. Oh, and she wasn't the one that told me about the "Happy Birthday".

Alexis Lee from the city

Alexis Lee from the city planning board summed it up best."Larry jr. has been on numerous planning boards and knows what hoops to jump through.Approving this new McDonalds was an easy decision for us".

Just your typical good old boy theme and of course Alexis Lee wasn't elected he was appointed.

As long as Homer Scott has his two main restaurants in sheridan,you'll never see any other business allowed to compete. Population has nothing to do with any of it.If it did applebees wouldn't be in gillette.

RJONES your a moron

Rjones there you go again, mr. consipercy. Scotty called down to the planning commission and said "don't u dare approve another restaurant because I said so and I need the money!"

Why would they say "no"! it's a legit business and it's a no brainer. Storo's are repected businessmen and they are willing to take the chance and spend some money in Sheridan and open another business. All these people that want Applesbee's or Olive Garden's fill out the paperwork and i bet the planning commission would rubber stamp you also.

You are partially correct

You are partially correct that population isn't the 100% deciding factor. The ring studies performed take into account of income, automotive traffic, and other situations that are population independent.

Lets face it, Gillette residents make more money than Sheridan. Median family income in Sheridan is approximately 42,000 and median family income in Gillette is 53,000. That has a lot of weight in a ring study, because people will have more discretionary income to spend 15.00 a meal compared to 6.00.

No one cares about your

No one cares about your personal life issues. This is about a new McDonalds coming to town. Your son would still have a job at the OTHER TWO MCDONALDS IN SHERIDAN! Use your


Use your brain

What about the other jobs it brought to town? In a time when jobs are hard to come by? Oh and if want another restaurant in town, get your stuff together and buy some land and open it. SO... use your brain!

Read The Headline

Read the headline! McDonalds is already here! McDonalds is here giving away a car! And they are giving away other things and having different events. They are doing positive things. This wasn't a poll! People just started commenting negatively!

Use YOUR brain

This coming from someone who failed to comprehend the post? Nothing was mentioned about being employed at McDonalds. The point of the post was that the Storos are decent people who have done good things for the community. So instead of criticizing the opening of a new McDonalds why don't you go open up your own restaurant?

reply to 2/26/2010 16:18

My point exactly......there are people who care and ones who don't and just complain...geeeeese and your restauraunt is?

U arn't the only one!

You arn't the only one to get MONTAZUMA"S revenge! I took 15 associates to eat there and all of us raced home to the BR! Lousy service lousy food!


Absolutely genius comments. The last time I checked, the Storo family can open up a McDonald's if they so choose since they hold the franchise rights.

So you want a variety of restaurants? How do you think that happens? Are you waiting for the restaurant fairy to drop from the sky and plop a TGIF somewhere? Please!

This takes a LOT of money to buy land, get the franchise and build a place. How many people are capable of doing that?

Oh let me guess, the City Council should have told Storo no. They should have said, it you want to build a restaurant, build something we don't already have. Because it certainly is our governments obligation to interfere with businessmen and tell them what they can and cannot operate.

Why are people complaining

Why are people complaining like there is somebody sitting in city hall picking what eateries to build? If you want an Applebee's so bad, go and buy in to the franchize and aquire some land to build on.


We need another McDonalds here in Sheridan like we need another bank....NOT! Wasn't 2 enough? We need something like even a Golden Coral something with a family dining experience. We needed another bad fast food place like we all needed a hole in the head!

J. S. Luckjohn

i was so mad

This really sucks that another mcdonnalds came into town. I hate it! WHY!?!?!?! We need quality here or at least new variety! i know its not much to complain agout it could be worse but seriously MC freakin DONNALDS?

Do we really need three McDonalds restaurants in town??

This area needs more dining out choices, but what do we get, another McDonalds! Great! Who were the geniuses that approved this deal?? Why isn't the city working to bring some quality restaurants to town, like Olive Garden, or Applebees?

We can not bring in an Olive

We can not bring in an Olive Garden or an Applebees because there are no more liquor licenses available in Sheridan County. Those restaurants won't even consider coming to this town without a liquor license.

Well, everyone has

Well, everyone has complained about this McDonald's coming in, but every time I drive by there, it is packed! If you don't like it, don't support it!

Do you all understand the law of supply and demand? Right now Sheridan is too small to create the demand for a larger restaurant like Olive Garden or even Applebees.

We have many local restaurants that offer a variety of different choices, and even they are struggling. If they can't make it, what makes you think a large chain would even think of investing millions of dollars into a restaurant here?


Lets look, Olivers is way spendy and small portions. Olivias mexican food is pretty good but its a pretty small place. 1891 or whatever its called takes five years to order and 5 to get your food and its not what you expect for the price. Sanfords is over priced for a prestamped hamburger thats been frozen. Los Agaves is a joke, really need i say more about food poisening and stale refrigerated taste? (And they dont even care you you are sick like a dog they say oh it must have been you) Yeah you see some of these places packed but really what other options do we have? yeah ill eat at the mcdonnalds but did we really need one? what about in and out or carls jr. or tacos del sol. like i said its not much to complain about but c'mon lets be honest did we really need a mcie DEES?

Have you ever eaten at

Have you ever eaten at Applebees? Cause your description of Sanford's sounds a lot like Applebees to me. People keep saying we don't need more fast food, we need an Applebees or Olive Garden. Sorry, but both of those places serve prestamped, unoriginal food too. I don't know why people think they are so great simply because they have a big name attached to them.

Unfortunately, most franchises have VERY strict regulations on placement of restaurants. You want a Sonic? Too bad, they won't come to a small town like this. Plus, it's over a $1 million investment just to open the doors. Do you have that kind of money?

Maybe we should just appreciate that Sheridan is growing enough that any new business can survive. Most towns in the country right now aren't building new restaurants. We are lucky that the Storos are willing to invest their money back into Sheridan.

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