New Lights At Oatts Ball Field May Pay For Themselves In A Few Years

In August of 2009, the Sheridan Recreation District Board of Trustees approved the purchase and installation of new lights at Oatts Field on 6th Street. The lights were starting to become a safety issue, as they were over 35 years old. Sheridan Recreation District Director Richard Wright explains that there are several big advantages to the new lights.

Wright says that the $230,000 investment will pay for itself in the long run.

While the lighting structures on the three ball fields have been installed, Wright said that there is still some wiring work that needs to be done before the project is complete.

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Then again they may not pay

Then again they may not pay for themselves.But lets install them anyway.After all it's just money.

Any fool can see that fiend

Any fool can see that fiend Kinsky is going to use these lights to signal the martians to invade...he must be stopped!!! (humor)

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