Nelson Engineering Discusses Clear Creek School With Board

Nelson Engineering Discusses Clear Creek School With Board

At their meeting Monday night, the Johnson County School District One Board of Trustees got the report from Nelson Engineering on their findings from the public meetings concerning the ultimate fate of the old Clear Creek School building.

Brent Bennett, with Nelson Engineering, and Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery, gave the report of their findings and answered questions from the school board and those present at the meeting.

After taking public comment, surveying the building and taking the recommendations of the community, Bennett reported that his firm's recommendation to the district was that it would be most cost-effective to use the existing structure as opposed to demolishing the entire building and rebuilding another on-site. There are parts of the building that are more feasible to re-use than others, but those determinations will need to be made based on proposed use.

The estimated cost, according to Bennett, to renovate the existing building would be approximately $9.4 million, and to demolish it and rebuild would be roughly $13.8 million.

Those present in the crowd were given the opportunity to speak and were overwhelmingly for the school district giving the building to the City of Buffalo who would then turn it over to a joint powers board to oversee the renovations and ultimately run the facility.

Funding sources for the renovation process have been looked into, according to Montgomery, and more possible sources may still be found.

The school board is really in no rush to make a decision, but some funding applications will need to be submitted by the end of the year to keep the project moving forward.

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