The Names Have Been Released In Monday's Fatal Crash Near Buffalo

A head on collision Monday afternoon on Interstate 90 near Buffalo has claimed the life of 86-year-old Wanda Basham of Sheridan and 72-year-old Donna Smith from Gillette.

In a media release issued by the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the crash occurred 1.7 miles north of Buffalo in Johnson County at 12:22 pm Monday. The release states that Basham for unknown reasons, was driving westbound in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90. Smith was eastbound in the passing lane.  Prior to impact neither driver made any attempt at evasive maneuvers.  Both vehicles collided head-on. No passengers were in either vehicle and both drivers were wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident. The crash remains under investigation
at this time. 

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The wreck occurred in the

The wreck occurred in the Eastbound(south right at that location)lane of I90 just about 1/2 mi south of the Rock Cr interchange. It was nowhere near the merging traffic where I25 enters I90 wb. They met at the top of a small rise and neither was able to take evasive action (HP report)

Dangerous area

That area where I25 and I90 merge is a very dangerous and poorly designed merge point. It is absolutely crazy to have the merging traffic enter the interstate in the passing lane. I have witnessed an occasion when a tourist vehicle drove up and entered the passing lane only to come to a complete stop while, I guess, they tried to verify they were doing the proper thing. Winter weather with blowing snow makes it even more dangerous.

I agree with you.

I agree with you. BUT....that is not where this accident happened.

How many times have you

How many times have you tried to take the license of an eldery person? That should have been a fun conversation to watch... In a town like sheridan, the older people control the vote so dont expect anything to change... They have voted this countery into near disaster and from what I see they don't really care... It's not going to be their blood that restores freedome...

Certainly wish dillio 1793

Certainly wish dillio 1793 would learn how to spell.

dillio spelling

And you have never made a typo or spelling error?

How involved have you been

How involved have you been in our county or state? It is not that easy anywhere to take a drivers license. If you think they control the vote,thank goodness or we'd be ohbama too!

My prayers are with the loved ones of those lost

As for you commentor.... ohbama? What? We'd be...?
Absolutely beyond belief.


Really?? Really?? It's the old people, it's the young people. You and Jones need to get it together. What does voting have to do with the tragic death of two women? Try the spell check.


Head on I-90

This woman obviously should not have been driving!!! Shame on her family for not stepping up and keeping her off the road!!! Shame on the WYO DOT for giving her a license!!! Very sad. May they RIP.

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