Murder Suspect Is One Of Three Inmates Charged With Battery

19-year-old Dennis Poitra, Jr. continues to add charges to his list of possible offenses despite being housed in the Sheridan County Detention Center. Poitra and two other inmates are charged with battery after an altercation in the jail. The victim in the fight is reported in good condition with a few “bumps and bruises” according to Sheridan County Sheriff Dave Hofmeier.

Poitra is in jail awaiting trial for his alleged involvement with the August burglary and murder of Sheridan businessman Robert Ernst. Poitra also faces property destruction charges for breaking a fire sprinkler head in the jail last fall.

Poitra and his two co-defendants in the Ernst case face mandatory life in prison if convicted of 1st degree murder. Poitra’s trial is scheduled for March 2010.

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This is just sad all around,

This is just sad all around, as are most crimes like this. No one can condone what was done to Mr. Ernst and those responsible have to face the consequences; it is just a shame that people's lives take them down this road. I would bet there are psychological issues (as evidenced by recent outbursts) and prison will only exacerbate them. We have no system to give help to people who need it other than drugging them. No one should lose their life in that manner, and no one should have it in them to take a life in that manner. Unfortunately too often both happen.

grow up

people have their own opinions on everything. so just suck it up. that whole thing is messed up. talk about being violent? look at the way you are talking at each other.

my bro

I have known Jr for six years, he has never made good choices, he was'nt brought up the right way. He grew up around violence and more. I dont agree with what he has done and never will but, he is a good person inside. All he needs is professional help, I think prison is what he needs to show him his VERY wrong doing, but life is'nt the way to go in my opinion, a couple decades behind bars, and poroll for life perhaps. He's a kid and is learing slowly but surly. This goes to show people need to be there for there kids and watch for the signs of drugs and who they decide to make friends with. Jr was doing good for a wile tell he got caught up with the wrong group... it was more than pot influencing him and his "friends" that night. Stay stong and prepare for the worst bro i support you NOT what you did, i hope you get the help you need man. (to the family... im sorry for your loss no one deserves to go through what you have)


Damn even in jail he still crazy (in a good way). Thats one of my good friends and damn I miss him. I dont agree with what he did, but he is going crazy from what ive been told. How would you feel all your going to see the rest of your life is a wall with bars? Yeah, I wouldnt be to happy about that and more then likely go crazy also. STAY STRONG BRO!


You reap what you sow. No, not everyone will experience how it makes you crazy being behind bars but not everyone murders innocent people in their homes. I say he was macho enough to kill an innocent man - it is time to man up!


Seriously, anyone can say they are sorry and look remorseful. Violence is something that should never be condoned! Burglery, murder, fighting in jail, come on! Kids, teens, and adults today need to know there are consequences for their actions. You break the law you have to suffer the consequences. Maybe a life sentence in prison would give him a lot of time to think about what he has done. He is not the victim here, the family that lost their loved one are!

I'm really sad all this

I'm really sad all this happened.. I knew him a couple years ago and I never would have thought he would end up this way. I didn't know him very well but it's too bad

They're both just

They're both just misunderstood.

Are you kidding me?!

Are you kidding me?! Misunderstood?? Tell that to the family of the murdered man! I cannot believe the comments on here feeling sorry for muderers! Unbelievable!

no remorse

Obviously this kid has no remorse for what he did. He continues to solve "his problems" with anger.
And the other guy involved with this - in jail for battery against his ex-girlfriend and her 5 year old child. Are you kidding me?! Put these guys away and throw away the key!!!

Poitra is the only one who

Poitra is the only one who showed remorse. Were you at any of the hearings? I'm by no means condoning any of his acts, but don't a**-u-me things...

Poitra is remorseful that

Poitra is remorseful that he's now in jail.


So are his acts of violence - a show of remorse?

y would you connect the two?

y would you connect the two?

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