Murder Suspect Makes Initial Appearance In Court

28-year-old Shawn Osborne made his initial appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court on 1st Degree Murder charges Tuesday. Osborne was arrested Friday after Sheridan Police received a tip about the murder.

Law enforcement officers surrounded the trailer house at 1075 Bellevue Avenue and found the trailer’s owner, Dennis David, and Osborne inside.

The affidavit of probable cause in the case alleges that Osborne killed 42-year-old Gerald Bloom sometime prior to 3 o’clock Friday morning. The crime wasn’t reported to police until after 2 that afternoon.

Osborne, David, Bloom and the woman who reported the crime all apparently reside in the trailer.

During the investigation police learned that Osborne had threatened to kill Bloom shortly before the alleged time of the murder. Osborne also may have threatened another man who went to police once he was made aware of that threat.

The investigation also revealed that Bloom was killed in his bedroom and his body was put into a sleeping bag and placed underneath the porch of the trailer where police later recovered the body. Bloom’s throat appeared to have been cut and police collected several sharp objects from the home but have not positively identified the murder weapon.

At this point, there have been no further arrests in the case. Osborne will appear in Circuit Court again for a preliminary hearing within 10 days. Judge John Sampson ordered Osborne held on a $150,000 cash only bond. If convicted Osborne faces mandatory life in prison.

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Murder Suspect Makes Initial Appearance In Court

erin i know dennis and everyone else in this case and im friends with all of them if you think he is capable of murder then i guess we all are including you. im not saying what you wrote was wrong drugs can make people do things they wouldn't do sober. i'm just saying you shouldn't just point the finger at dennis.

Wasn't pointing a finger at

Wasn't pointing a finger at Dennis,you may want to try to comprehend what it is that you are reading!To say that I could be guilty of this crime as you stated is utterly unfathomable to me,being that I don't induldge in the drug lifestyle .So you can count me out of that whole lineup!.....Erin

who ever knew squirell knew

who ever knew squirell knew he is a good guy. he is smart, funny, and fun to be around. everybody makes mistakes. some larger than others, but i for one will not change my opinion about him. i will not judge him for what he has done. i believe drugs may have played a huge role in what has happened, which i am sure he highly regrets. he has never said or done anything to me that made me think i was in harms way. he messed up HUGE time but my thoughts and prayers are with him. i hope this will help him realize that life is to short to wrapped up in drugs. he deserves what ever is coming his way but i will always be here for him


This "Nice Guy" is exactly where he belongs... About a year and a half ago he tried breaking into my apartment at 3 in the morning. I had only met him twice from a neighbor, so he barely knew me.. Why would he be trying to break down my door at 3 am? It's pretty scary for me knowing now what he's really capable of. He knew I lived alone.. Maybe if it wouldnt have taken the "Sheridans finest" a half an hour to get there, maybe they would have caught him and maybe just maybe he would have been forced to get some help... Him being locked up def. makes me feel safer... Sad!

Well when a guy says "I'm

Well when a guy says "I'm going to do it for real this time", then commits 1st degree murder, and makes threats on others life's, He is not a good "Guy" anymore. This man deserve's to rot in HELL!

i completely agree with you.

i completely agree with you. squirrel is a very nice guy. if something was wrong he would listen to what u had to say and he would try and help however he could. something set him off and he will have to suffer the consequences but im always here for him as well

SQUIRREL how could you do

SQUIRREL how could you do im from wy i used to know you. you were a good guy but what happened you were a good guy...or what i knew

Squirrel aka shawn was a

Squirrel aka shawn was a very good friend of mine and my husband i can remember numerous of times of him playing cards with my kids and just being a funny guy the drugs got the best of him but i know that the guy we knew wouldnt have done this it is very sad that he didnt get his life straightened out sooner and my prayers go out to the victims family. What he did can not be justified but i will not be one of the many people that just shut him out of my life i will continue to pray for him

Dennis is a good friend of mine.

Dennis is a good friend of mine. He is a drug addict, he is an alcoholic, HE IS NOT A MURDERER!!!!! He has a very generous nature and these two men were living at his house not paying rent. Anyone that does know Dennis knows that he parties all night until two or three in the morning and then he sleeps until he has to go to work which is about four in the afternoon. This lifestyle is very distructive and no one knows his life or why he has chosen this path. I was in this lifestyle four years ago. I have since been in recovery. It is the best choice that I have ever made in my entire life, it was also the hardest acheivment that I have ever accomplished. I am a recovering Meth Addict. I know that there are people reading this right now that have this problem. THERE ARE ANGELS OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP YOU. The people at the Mental Health Center have done so much for me. Don't let this problem enslave you. Help will only set you free.....

drugs make people do things

drugs make people do things that they wouldn't normally do sober,so I believe that Dennis is as capable of murder as Shawn is! Shawn "Squirrel" is the nicest guy you'd ever meet. You'd never assume that he'd be in jail charged with such a horrable crime. I still don't understand why almost every person posting on here already found Squirrel guilty. I don't want to think that he did it,that breaks my heart, but at the same time I am outraged by it. He has yet to be found guilty,and the stories even in the Sheridan Press don't add up! My hope is that if there were more individuals involved that they too will be brought to justice. My thoughts and prayers go to all families who are involved in this. I have faith in the justice system and in the fact that the Sheridan police will investgate all aspects of this case. ............. Erin

I've said it before. If a

I've said it before. If a bar can be responsible for serving alcohol to someone knowing they're too drunk and that person gets in an accident and hurts someone then if someone gives another drugs and they kill someone why can't they be held responsible also?

The people on here make me

The people on here make me so proud to live here, judgemental narrow minded vigalante bad asses. Hope to god I never run a red light, get my name in the paper and have people talk about me.

makes me ill


You said so yourself that we

You said so yourself that we need to stop assumeing anything about this, so why would you cast away a friend of yours? If you know what happened maybe you should go to the police. He has yet to be found guilty! Whatever hsppened to innocent till proven guilty? Some kind of friend you are.

police dispatch report

OK, so here's a question... Why does the city of sheridan police website dispatch report (public record) list the dispatch for this crime at approximately 6 pm Thursday January 14? Check it out on the police page under documents pull up the pdf file for the dispatch summary on JANUARY 14. Perhaps someone screwed up big time? Or there is more to this than meets the eye. Still think more than one person might have blood on their hands.... KEEP DIGGING SPD, YOU HAVEN'T FOUND THE WHOLE STORY YET...



my thought exactly

my thought exactly


The one that keeps commenting on grammar,what you have nothing better to put on here about the topic? You waste your time and ours making comments on something so stupid. Were not taking a grammar test thank you very much.You must be bored right? Changing the subject hmmm could it be your friends with people involved or you hell maybe your even one of the ones involved bottom line shut up already quit filling up the page with your nonsense! Asshole how's that for grammar? You must be the one 3+4=7 ???????

Don't blame those who love addicts....

Shawn also known as "Squirrel" had a lot of addiction issues. I am sure that there are many people who love and care about him and are devasted by this tragedy. However, an addict cannot be helped unless he wants to be helped. Do not put this blame on society or those that loved and cared for "Squirrel", there is no blame here except addiction. I am so sorry to all those that loved anyone involved in this crime, what a tragedy for all involved, both those that loved the victim, Mr. Bloom and those that loved the perpetrator, "Squirrel". My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved and I will spend my breath praying that those involved (all those involved) find peace and forgivness and can somehow no matter their circumstances contribute to making this world a better place. For do not judge, just do your best to make this world better.

By the way.....

The internet is serious business

You're an idiot...

Gosh you're an idiot... read this...

"So to finish this up you find out man murdered in your house about 4 to 5 hours later ypou have your girlfriend give the murder a ride to get money you stay behind with body that is now moved from room to under house your there by yourself can call police but dont then it takes another man being threatened before anyone chooses to turn it in and almost 12 hours later your still at home when cops show up."

Tell me that makes you sound like you have a valid opinion (it's one sentence, the wrong forms of words are used, and there is a serious lack of punctuation).

And I only said one thing, there are two comments with two different names regarding the idiocy that's involved. Apparently your simple math isn't so great. Thanks for the example though, whatever the f that's supposed to mean.

And wtf does this have to do with my involvement in this? I don't live in Wyoming anymore... I moved away from your god forsaken, meth invested, crooked judicial system of a town almost 6 years ago.


Not trying to impress you with grammar Didn't and dont care if there is ONE sentence didnt write it for your or anyone's approval LOOK CHRIS ALL ONE SENTENCE AGAIN you must be having a fit huh Guess was SMART one I continue to use BAD grammar just so you have something to comment on glad to help you have a life look at me look at me I go on sheridan media to correct peoples grammar cause I have no valid point to post look this should make you REAL happy Ready chrisisaloserchrishasnolifechrisisgrammarpolicelololololol

lololol that did make me

lololol that did make me laugh, good work. I went on this page at work to read this story and couldn't resist insulting your intelligence. Then you come back and act like you can transpose a coherent thought into text, but choose not to. Real smooth.

I may not have a valid opinion on any of this because I don't know any of the parties involved. But at least I didn't TRY spouting out some poorly written finger pointing about events you have no real knowledge of.

Enjoy your weekend in Sheridan, where hanging out in Kendrick park and going to Wal-Mart are city-wide past times.


It is great that people can

It is great that people can put their two cents in on these forums, but regardless of how you feel about it, people prefer to read articles, posts, or any other written items that appear to have come from intelligent people. I am not trying to insult anyone, but when something I am reading has continuous errors in it, I start to question the intelligence level and credibility of the person who wrote it. If there are too many errors, I quit reading. I know I am not the only person who feels this way. Also, you are putting information out there for all to see, you should at least have enough pride to edit or proofread your work so you don't look like an idiot.

agree with you though

Chris I will say you were right about my post being all messed up didn't come out the way I was thinking had a ??? moment


Um Chris don't live in Sheridan but used to visit there often and I really like Sheridan and as far as having no knowledge on this issue your very wrong I know Dennis David very well he is ex family member everyone has a right to voice the opinion on here including you grammar patrol like the all one sentence Have a great day Chris nice debating with you

Wow. Name-calling? Really?!

Wow. Name-calling? Really?! Not only could you stand to brush up on your grammar, maybe you should go back to school to learn how to get along with other people. I'm not even the one who has posted anything about grammar, but it's hard to take anyone seriously when they can't use their own language properly.

identify yourself????

Now why would someone be DUMB enough to leave their name on here? So that the weirdo that did this or friends of his can seek revenge for a comment you left? Nah smarter than that thank you. Everyone knows Tweekers don't think like normal people and would do something stupid like that and we all know this whole crime has METH written all over it. Poor guy was prob killed over drug deal or Sean was thinking he was a rat.

go to

go to charging documents are under the wyoming news sections...

Treatment does work

The people that wrote not to put addicts in treatment because it doesn't work are wrong. Wasn't Mr.Davids ex- wife's brother one that was a Meth head and dealer in Sheridan years ago? I heard he is out of prison and clean and doing very well. Sometimes they just have to be forced to go. I know Mr.David and he always did do crazy things. He's an adrenaline junkie and add Meth to that. Watch out! I think there is more to this story than what is being said. The proof will come out. If Mr.Osbourn said,"I'm going to do it this time." Obviously Mr.David knew the two didn't get along. Why would he have him in his house.

o.k. the comment about

o.k. the comment about Dennis D.ex wifes brother is my husband. And he is doing exceptionally well. I'm glad I had faith in him when everyone doubted him. He is a good father and husband and all I can say is thankyou to T.C. in Casper. Don't ever give up hope because miracles do happen. Third time is a charm. To you Tim. I love you and I'm proud of you.


too add the my previous comment after Dennis" knew about murder" why did he let his girlfriend leave with Sean to take him to get money? So to finish this up you find out man murdered in your house about 4 to 5 hours later ypou have your girlfriend give the murder a ride to get money you stay behind with body that is now moved from room to under house your there by yourself can call police but dont then it takes another man being threatened before anyone chooses to turn it in and almost 12 hours later your still at home when cops show up. Hmmmm something smells fishy.

Run on?

Want to know what sounds fishy? Reading whatever the hell you just wrote....

Doesn't any of these people

Doesn't any of these people work?

I agree

I truely do hope that Dennis David is charged as well as his girlfriend. They knew it had happened,yet did nothing for 12 hours? If this had happened in my home I'd be on the phone real quick to the police. Just makes you wonder what if anything the others are trying to hide.

Call'em right up egh...

What would it be like waking up to a bloody murderer in your house, with blood still on him; would you fear for your life? Whould you kinda go along with the murderer until the time was right to get auhorities involved? You do not know what happened in that house that morning, you can only speculate and gosip from that as if it's fact.

Dennis is harmles except to his kidneys and linver.


your grammar seems fishy

your grammar seems fishy

What's up with the grammer

What's up with the grammer crap. This isn't English 101

agree Denis should be charged

Dennis should be charged!! Not turned in for hours later and then Dennis was warned I'm going to do it for real so what he knew this was going to happen? She takes this man to get money and only when Neal shows up do they go and turn it in. Dennis didn't even go he stayed there with dead body. Why didnt he call cops after his girlfriend left with the guy to get money why didnt dennis run from house when they were gone. When girlfriend left body was in room then when she returns its under house. I do honestly think more charges are coming things dont add up DD dont look so innocent now. Blooms family is in my prayers as are the monsters that did this cause the only one that can help them now is God.

Murder on Bellvue

Why isn't he facing the death penalty? Isn't that premeditated murder? I think Mr.D.D. is involved more than we know. Why would he let his girlfriend go with him in the first place and why did he stay behind? Was it to get rid of the evidence? Drugs? Somethings smells rotten to me.


I think Judge Sampson should not have set a bond of only $150,000 cash. The murder was brutal and for anyone to do such a horrific crime does not deserve to be walking around free on bond until trial. I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but that can be decided with a jury trial. Until then I think certain crimes especially murder and other violent crimes should have no bond set at all and the individuals stay locked up until trial.

Just the opinion of a proud mother of a future law enforcement officer!


I think it's amazing how so many people can post their opinons and JUDGEMENTS here on this forum and don't have the fortitude to reveal their own identity. The most amazing thing about the human body is that when adrenaline levels are extremely high, even the smallest and weakest of people are able to pick up a wrecked car off their loved ones and save their lives. So you are telling me that Mr. Osbourne could not have done that by himself? Oh yeah...wait...WE don't even know who YOU are so we don't care what YOU say here. OUR BEST THOUGHTS GO OUT TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM RIGHT NOW.

Didn't say Shawn couldn't

Didn't say Shawn couldn't have done it by himself . You should comprehend what you read.

Didn't say Shawn couldn't

Didn't say Shawn couldn't have done it by himself . You should comprehend what you read.

Maybe Miss Heidi they don't

Maybe Miss Heidi they don't want to end up under someone elses house.

I agree with the other

I agree with the other comment about the media releasing the identity of the person who reported this crime!!! People have a right to remain anonymous especially if they feel their safety could be at risk. And I'm not sure what you would define "forum" as but to the rest of the world it usually means: A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website. What else but opinions and judgments would you find on a forum?! Just because you are willing to put your name in the public eye doesn't mean you have deeper feelings of sympathy for those who are suffering right now. Get over yourself.

We've also learned that

We've also learned that there is an accessory to murder running around free. How do you have a dead roommate, a record, and apparently knowledge that the body is under YOUR FRONT PORCH and still end up walking away?!

We've also learned that the press/media have no respect for the person who came forward in this case to report the murder. ALL clues to her identity should have remained unreported. Now she could end up in danger.

It is against federal law to reveal who reports acts of child abuse/neglect. Why should it be any different for other violent crimes?
I just hope this mistake won't stop other people from doing the right thing in the future.

I agree fully with the

I agree fully with the questioning of why the owner of the house "Dennis" is still walking around a free man! Shawn was a good friend of mine until he started getting messed up. I just wonder how he could have gotten Gerald Bloom's body in a sleeping bag and under the porch by himself? He wasn't that big of a guy! So hopefully there will soon be another arrest.

you all should read the

you all should read the coverage on this in the billings gazette . Google it. They release way more information then here. It states that Shawn told Dennis and Dee that he had killed Bloom.Just read it for yourself.

Opinions are one thing,

Opinions are one thing, gossip is another - - - we should speak only of that which we know.

We are speaking from what we

We are speaking from what we heard! The only one that can speak from what they know is the ones that were there. And obviously they're not gonna be truthful. The one that would be truthful is Dead! So that is why we have court, to listen to the evidence and put the pieces of the puzzle together.


How about no bond?! A man was killed for pity sakes!


So from this article and from all the comments on the article, what exactly have we learned?

1) We've learned that there was not a party or trailer full of people when the murder occurred as early rumors stated.

2) Sheridan is a great place to live. But a few times a year we are not immune to the same problems that plague large cities on a daily basis.

3) We have a good police department despite Chief Card.

4) Drugs have been a constant issue at the house here the murder took place. Cops have been there a lot and nothing has happened to the owner. If the cops are doing there job is there a problem with prosecutors or the courts maybe?

5) It is human nature to talk, debate, look for blame and discuss these types of things. Stupid things or things we disagree with are going to be said. If you don't like opinions that differ from your own, don't come here and read anything.

6) Politicizing a murder to further your agenda of legalizing drugs or getting rid of the mayor is sad.

7) 3 + 4 = 7

IMHO, we have not learned

IMHO, we have not learned one way OR the other if there was a house full of people when this happened (unless I missed something?). According to the articles I've read, the murder happened at 3am and was reported at 2pm- almost 12 hours after the crime. When the police went to the home in the afternoon, only the residents of the home were there. That dose not rule out that other people were there when it happened. No doubt if others were actually in the house & knew about it, they will eventually be brought up on charges pending the investigation. Personally I question how one person could acomplish the task of putting the body into a sleeping bag and conseal it under the porch without at least drawing the attention of the other household members. The details of this crime are horrific. I hope that the guilty party is brought to justice and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.


The Sheridan Press today sheds more light on that. Seems to indicate that the owner of the trailer and his girlfriend were supposedly asleep when the murder happened. A couple of other people were referenced that might have been in the trailer. Sounds as though people knew about the murder AFTER the fact and obviously didn't report it right away.

sorry, post about opinions

sorry, post about opinions and gossip belongs here

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