Murder Suspect Has Preliminary Hearing In Court

28-year-old Sheridan resident Shawn Osborne had his preliminary hearing in Sheridan County Circuit Court Tuesday. Osborne is charged with 1st Degree Murder for the alleged killing of Gerald Bloom at 1075 Bellevue Avenue on January 15th, 2010. State's Attorney Matt Redle called witness David Widiker-Fausset to the stand, where Fausset stated that he and Osborne had been drinking at Rails and My Buddy's Place on the night of January 14th prior to the incident.

Fausset said that after arriving at the trailer on Bellevue Avenue, it was clear to him that Osborne was angry and fired up over money situations, and that Gerald Bloom had owed him $20. Fausset claims that Osborne said, "watch this," then proceeded to enter the bedroom where Bloom was sleeping. Fausset testified that Osborne then placed Bloom into a rear naked choke hold, where the two struggled for a short time before falling off of the bed. It appeared to Fausset that Bloom had lost consciousness. That is when Fausset said he witnessed Osborne slit Bloom's throat from ear-to-ear two times, then stab Bloom in the throat several times. The autopsy report confirmed that Bloom's throat had been slit, and that it had been stabbed four times, and that asphyxia may have been a contributing factor.

Fausset testified that Osborne put the body into a red sleeping bag and drug it outside, where he placed it underneath the trailer after removing some of the skirting. There were two other occupants inside the trailer at the time of the alleged incident -- Dee Himes and her boyfriend Dennis David. Fausset stated that later that morning, they had breakfast at the Silver Spur, where Osborne said that "he'd never felt better" when asked about what had transpired just a few hours earlier. Himes reported the crime after John Neal arrived at the Bellevue residence, and she expressed to him that Osborne told her that Neal would be next. At that time, Neal took Himes to the Sheridan Police Department to report what had happened. The crime was reported by Himes at approximately 2:15 pm on January 15th.

Judge John Sampson bound the case over to 4th Judicial District Court and continued the cash bond of $150,000. Osborne remains in the Sheridan County Detention Center.

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Went to school with that

Went to school with that guy. What the hell is wrong with people.

How can anyone make excuses

How can anyone make excuses for Dennis and Dee? They had many opportunities to call police, but instead chose to hang out, eat, and drink beer with Shawn. They left the trailer to get a pack of smokes right after the murder! There is no way they were afraid of Shawn or they would not have gone back to the scene! If Shawn had killed another person(which was very likely), they would be accomplices and not accessories after the fact. Who sees a brutal murder of a supposed friend and doesn't call 911 immediately? Excuses, excuses, excuses. And Dennis didn't even know what went on the next day when being questioned! Ya right. Nobody believes them anyways! Their stories will crumble around them. The truth will come out! These people are not rocket scientists.


I just read on the city site that dee and dennis both have arrest warrents in muncipal court .

Someone read incorrectly!

Someone read incorrectly! Dee and Dennis do not have any active warrants, they both of Show Cause Orders - two completely different things.

Somone read incorrectly

It doesn't matter if they have a warrant or to show cause they both still have a warrant and they both should be GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

city site and dci site

For the two comments that were posted about finding all the information on Dennis and Dee please post the web site as to where you found this information please. Would greatly be appreciated. Thank You

Go to the City of Sheridan

Go to the City of Sheridan Police or Court (?) page and there is a link that shows all arrest warrants in Sheridan.



The City Site

Thank you a bunch to the two of you who gave me directions to get there. That helped alot. Thank you again.

I have added a link to the

I have added a link to the warrants section on our home page in the Public Notices section on the left side.

Do you ?

DO you have the county court warrants too? im not sure if they are online or not. does anyone know ?

Thank you for someone else

Thank you for someone else realizing that, i saw that this weekend, and failed to post, they are hard to find to deliver those warrants to aren't they? Hmmmm.....again, look at DCI grant funding, application from 2009 and one from the past, can be found on the state DCI site, see where and who the $$$$$$ go to........

For all of you who think you

For all of you who think you can perform to a higher standard than the Sheridan Police Department: It's time to put your money where your mouth is. I just read on the City Website that the P.D. will be testing for Police Officer on March 1st. Then, maybe IF you can get hired you might someday be conssidered for what ever they call their tactical team (SWAT?, ERT)and then you too can go the extra mile in putting your rear end on the line for people you don't know when effecting high risk arrests. I'm sure the sound of chirping crickets will be deafening on March 1st.

Yah get on the SPD and

Yah get on the SPD and become as corrupt and dishonest as the rest of them. GREAT IDEA

corrupt and dishonest????

Spoken like a true criminal who probably knows them all really well!

Couldn't do it

They couldn't handle it!!!!

I'm going to go with "no" on

I'm going to go with "no" on this one.. Trying to trick people into waving their rights in my opinion is kind of slimy. Trying to cover up for other officers on the force who violate peoples civil rights thinking it's part of a code seems to me something that might be "unethical" .. I know there are a LOT of good officers, and I wish them well. I understand its part of the job, but if you pull me over, don't ask where I'm going, or where have I been like we are friends, scratch me my ticket and I'll be on my way..


Why is the police department so sensitive to any hint of criticism?

I think most of us have the upmost respect for those guys and gals and how they put their necks on the line every day to keep our community safe.

With that said, you work for the government and because of your ability to deprive people of their rights and the importance of your job, people should be watching and paying attention to what you do. If that means criticism, then so be it.

A lot of it you can probably take with a grain of salt because it comes from people who don't fully understand your job. But heaven forbid some of the criticism be warranted or something that can be used to be better.

So many experts here.

I'm glad to see we have so many lawyers here that know stuff like the definition of conspiracy, accessory after that fact, and exactly what the elements of these crimes are. Could one of you internet lawyers please supply the state statutes to these laws please, so that I might read them myself.

And you behind the scenes forensic investigators, would you mind supplying your credentials to establish how you would know the degree of the mess made by a slit throat?

And you online Heros. Please keep telling us what you would have done in this situation. Also factor in that the guy killed was probably a dirt bag whom you would barely be able to tolerate. Now remember this when you jump in front of a guy wielding a knife and is angry. Hopefully we can have more heros like you in real life, and not just on the internet.

And I am somewhat confused by everyone saying "why aren't the cops doing something?" What do you want them to do? Yes these people did not report the crime right away, did it change anything? Is this guy more dead because his murder was not reported instantly? Allegations are that Osborne murdered this guy, later, a witness went to the police. Osborne was arrested, the evidence was gathered, the body was recovered, Osborne will go to prison forever. What else needs to be done?

If someone was driving Osborne around to help him get out of town, who is to say that the person driving was not afraid for their own life, and was doing whatever it took to keep themselves alive?

I suggest people quit blaming the cops for being crooked, stop blaming the people who were witnesses, and start taking a pro active stance in your own communities.

Blood mess

Obviously you have never been involved with butchering, whether it be beef, wild game, or even chickens. When you cut a jugular vein, blood sprays everywhere!
As far as the 'innocent' witnesses, are you implying Osborne had them under his control the entire time, hours, after the murder? There were several people there and not a single person could have slipped away long enough to call 911?


Taking a pro active stance? You mean reporting drug activity to cops who don't do anything? That kind of pro activity?

AH, yes, pro-active, how

AH, yes, pro-active, how about reporting possible child molestation to the family services department and they tell you that there is nothing that can be done? Or how about reporting child sex abuse to a sheriff's department who sits there and does NOTHING for 30+ days, until you make a big enough stink about it that they finally respond?????????? And yes, there are many more, just form my list, I can only imagine what other people have experienced.

Whoever you are, you should look at the bigger picture and step out of your hole where you can only see in one direction and from one angle.


Its hard to tell what really

Its hard to tell what really happened.It could have been over anything.All I know is that if i saw someone ready to comit murder no matter who it was if i liked or disliked that person I would try my hardest to stop it. No one deserves to die like that.I also have a hard time beliveing there were no drugs involved. I feel for the neighbors who have to still put up with all the bolony that has gone on at that same house for years. I would not feel safe.Onany given day you can drive by that trailor and see all the wacked out people going in and out.Hmmm. what does that tell you? Another thing I bet 99% of the people in that house have a report on them involving drugs, I dont know how its soo hard to spot these people. They have been here for years and and are still free to ruin others lives. Once in a while one will go to the slammer for a minute then be free with in a week? I think any time a police officer has a chance they need to check up on these obviously drug addicts.Pull them over,Drive by the house, patrol the bars. I think thata there is alot more everyone can do.

unfortunately, an officer

unfortunately, an officer has to have a reason to pull someone over or go to their house. The information has to be obatined legally or it will be thrown out in court, setting the obvious drug dealer free. Criminals can be smart when it comes to hiding from the cops and making sure that their actions are not scene.

County Attorney perhaps...

I could be wrong, but I believe the County Attorney would decide after receiving the investigative reports who is charged and with what. Instead of pointing fingers at the police department maybe we should be asking Mr. Redle?

I think we should ask

I think we should ask Mr.Redle about alot of things! lol

I believe....

I believe that we need to look at the whole big picture.... I understand there will be things that none of us will never know about, I also understand there should be an ongoing investigation.. Well Everyone should be investigating... Hay some of you are right for the right price a rat can go free but enough is enough.. You can't tell me they are the connection to frying the bigger fish... I mean really???? How long has this been going on for??? I lived in Sheridan for many years, now I reside in Gillette..
But if us simple folk can figure out right from wrong.... Like I said before I knew Shawn. Big Sad situation...
Let's see what the system will do, If WE have so little faith then only WE can change it... Yes I believe it happened, But we also have to think inocent till proven guilty, Not guilty till proven inocent... We are so eager to condemn when we should see what's in our back yards..

Dennis and Dee and David

Dennis and Dee and David Faussett are gutless slime. Where are all you people who wanted to stick up for them now? All you have to do is ask 20-30 people around town about them, and you will find out exactly who and what they are.The only reason they are still not in jail is that the police and prosecutor want to use their testimony. Why are they so unsure of their case? There had to be tons of forensic evidence. Wouldn't David Faussett's eyewitness testimony be enough? Or, are they using these people for another reason? (rat, narc, snitch) I'll bet their own families are having second thoughts about their stories! Why would the investigating detective Brastrap believe anything they say? I hope D.C.I. is still overseeing this case. At least they have real investigators who can see past the B.S. Anyways I'm sure the neighbors feel a little safer now. Too bad it took a murder to get the trash out of the neighborhood. Good job Sheridan P.D. You yoyo's are serving and protecting the wrong people. Laws have been broken and your oaths have been violated. I thought you all swore to uphold the law? It's not your right to decide who to arrest. It's your job to arrest anyone who breaks the law!!!!!!!!!!No wonder this town has such a negative view of cops.

Human and Citizen Rights

AMEN! The whole system is to blame here, from the bottom all the way up. For all of you people who think that your politics in Sheridan are hunky dorey, you really should go live in the real world for a while, you start to see all the things that are wrong with the system there. There are many public and government offices there that break their own policy codes, I have experienced it more than once, and the anger I have felt over the lack of justice, especially for the victims, is still a part of me to this day. There is a constitution and there are civil rights in this country, but there have never been enough people in the area that have gotten angry enough yet. Every broken thing will fail itself eventually. I just hope that the family of the victim in this crime seeks out higher level help to make sure that the rights of their lost loved one and of their surviving grief are looked out for. There are a lot of justice advocate groups, civil right groups, and others out there if you look farther than Wyoming, and they can be very powerful.


I would love to hear some examples of breakdowns in the system.


OK, let's start with this one, how about letting a person who has been convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance and is on a 5 year probation violate his probation 11 separate times for various offenses before the "system" revokes his probation. Please note, the person's violations went beyond failed drug analysis tests (failed tests involved methamphetamine, marijuana, and alcohol), but also involved three separate sex-offense related misdemeanors........ one against a minor child. Would you like more examples?

public record filling in the blanks

If David's story was a boat it would have sunk before it hit the water. I was at the hearing and what he was saying wasn't making any sense.He stated that he followed Shawn into the room and watched as he had Gerald in a headlock for 15 seconds, than stood there while Shawn cut his throat from ear to ear after Gerald went limp? Well first of all everyone knows that it takes more than 15 seconds to make somebody pass out? Why didn't he leave ? He stayed in the room while Shawn proceeded to the kitchen to "wash his hands"? Dee than came out and saw David in the room with Gerald's body , David jumped out the window,ran around the house and came back in the front door!Hmmm? Dee and Dennis left to get cigarettes David stayed with Shawn and Gerald's body!David stated that he watched Shawn drag Gerald's body through the living room in a sleeping bag and out the door! David followed Shawn outside and again watched Shawn as he pulled the skirting off the side of the trailer,crawled underneath and pulled the sleeping bag under the house! David than told Shawn to put the skirting back up and to get inside! David stayed until Shawn passed out than he went home. Shawn text David and wanted to meet for breakfast, so what does David do? He meets Shawn,Dee and Shawn's girlfriend at the Silver Spur. They ate breakfast and went back up to the house where everybody that lived there knew Gerald's body was under the front of the house in a sleeping bag, and drank some more while discussing what needed to be done with Gerald's body?!Only after another man showed up did anybody do anything!David couldn't answer some of the D.A.s questions being that he didn't remember! The coroners report stated that the cause of death was asphyxiation. The tox. screen that was run on Gerald came back negative. Gerald's throat wasn't cut from ear to ear as David had said but was cut on the right side twice with stab wounds to the center of the throat! I would think that the DA would let David reread his statement before taking the stand just so he wouldn't look like a complete idiot not being able to answer simple questions. David wasn't able to say for sure if Shawn had said "watch this" or "check this out" or what he had told the police that he had said,when questioned! I am sure that I would remember what it is that had happened if I were telling the whole truth! That's just me though I have a photographic memory.Everything that I am writing here is public record being that it was not a closed court hearing ! If you don't believe what I am saying you should request a transcript of the hearing. I also feel that it is wrong that the others are not sitting in jail along side Shawn until this whole ordeal is settled.It just doesn't add up ! The truth will end up coming out and I pray that the police get to the bottom of all this, while the investigation is still ongoing. My thoughts and prayers go to all parties involved and to the ones that care about the ones involved........Erin

I tend to wonder why this

I tend to wonder why this David isn't in jail with Shawn Osborne,he is as guilty for being there and doing nothing! I hope that hey end up locking him up after they are done with his testimony.

Lens Cap

While I must say you've offered an extensive account of the preliminary hearing, your lens cap on your photographic memory must have been on, because the detective clearly said that the Coroner stated that it appeared the wounds to the neck were believed to be the cause of death and that asphyxiation could have been a factor, with the key word being COULD!!

Sounds typical

This is a typical response and scenario of when you are cracked out, tweaking, high on dope and drunk. Your view of reality is really warped. All this behavior is not out of the ordinary, even if it was wrong. No one really knows what exactly happend, besides someone was murdered. By the way, you can choke someone out in under 10 seconds once you put the squeeze on the kneck correctly.

Any of you stop and think to

Any of you stop and think to question the prosecutor in this case? Blame the police all you want but not question the county attorney? He's the prosecutor and could easily file charges but everyone here blames the police. Get a clue people.

ya what about the kid who

ya what about the kid who had the shooter in his car in the other murder? charges anyone?!!

the other side?

If you had 45 seconds to react to a drunk man carrying a knife who just slit a throat 2x, would you step in front of that knife? Would you pick up the phone right then?I think at 'breakfast' Fausset was trying to figure out if it was all a bad dream. I think it's called "shock" people. Who said anything about meth being involved?

I know it is Wyoming and

I know it is Wyoming and all, but there comes a time when something so incredibly crooked occurs that citizens should become concerned and start asking serious questions. I have never heard anything quite like this, letting 3 people who abet a crime this heinous go the next day? Seems to me that the race was on to solve this crime....... want to keep everyone feeling happy and safe in their perfect little town. Did you know, if you search the public records site, you can see one of Sheridan's municipal codes that is so old and in need of revision it actually states if a person is sent to the jail's solitary confinement, they are fed nothing but "bread and water." WHAT????? Do they waterboard them too? That isn't even legal anymore in the real world is it? Guess those 1937 municipal codes have worked awesome so far......maybe that is the reason this story is so disturbing.

Sounds fishy to me! WHAT THE



Okay So I (knew) Shawn..
What I don't get is why on Gods Green Earth is not any other people in trouble? I understand that Drugs,Drinks,Anger,or even money whatever anyone wants to blamed it on. Everyone has an excuse, what in the f' is going on here???? I absolutely agree with "why are these other people off", Just because they did not slit this other mans neck physically they are just as damn guilty by quivering in their boots and doing nothing until 12hrs later.. You can't tell me or anyone else for that matter that we would go out to eat shoot the bull like it was yesterdays news.. I call crap!!!! Do I believe that Shawn did it yes, Do I believe it was over money or drugs yes I do, Do I believe he did it alone NOO I don't.. We all preach to our kids Guilty By Assosiation whatever became of the saying... I know I come off very insensitive but come on people let's be realistic about this.... Hell even the judicial system has the same tickets.... Sorry for the miss spelled words everyone, I at least know that I am not the only one that feels this way.... I am not befriending anyone but I also know right from wrong... What is going on is wrong....

I agree why arent the other

I agree why arent the other people in trouble and in the paper it said david left after shawn went to sleep why didnt he go to the police?

how the heck people

how the heck people addicted to meth eat in the first place, maybe the reason they didnt find blood in the room is because they ALL were high on meth when it happened and cleaned up for hours. In my eyes they all should be charged in the murder in some way, And the trailer they were at was dennis davids trailer, the article above makes it seem like its not his place!!!!!!Crazy,

haha that's true....

haha that's true....

I am not taking sides, but

I am not taking sides, but no one posting these comments where there when this terrible incident took place???? Maybe Fausset did nothing because there was no time to do anything.... It sounds to me like it all happened fairly quickly. Why would anyone jump on the accussed and take the chance of joining the victim. I do find it a bit strnage that the stories today on here and in the Sheridan press are so much different then the stories that were posted after the incident in Jan. One story on here said that Osborne woke up David and Himes afterwards and told them what he had just done, but in the paper today it says that they were woken by the commotion and left the house. Also earlier reported that himes took Osborne to get money from his dad. The story in paper today does not say anything about her taking him to get money. It says that he woke up and met Fausset at the Silver Spur for breakfast. These stories just do not add up, they are very different now then when we were first reading about it. A mans life was taken over a lousy $20 and alchol. If Shawn had been sober would this have happened???.... I guess that is a question that will never be answered. After reading the paper today this man deserves what is coming to him and then some.

Sure, that sounds correct.

The whole thing seems very unscrupulous to me. Didn't the paper say that Osborne had blood all over him when they went to the house that afternoon? So what, he was a bloody mess and went to breakfast at the Spur, drove around town to get money to leave(which by the way, driving someone around to prepare to leave town and to get the funds is conspiracy after the fact according to State Statutes)and not one person thought it was strange that he had blood all over his arms and clothes? Sure, that is plausible. Where was all the blood in the house? The paper also said they found blood in the porch area and on the skirting. If you cut someones throuat from jugular to jugular that is going to be a greusome mess and fast! Good thing you people have an amazing police force there to solve this crime, you should all feel very safe! What a blundred bunch of half-truths. Perhaps more citizens should be questioning this investigation a little?

Beyond Confused!

Who does nothing and then watch the whole cover up process. I just don't understand why no one tried to prevent the murder, jump on the accused or dial 911 or run across the street and have a neighbor do it. But instead drink some more after the whole thing went down, have a peaceful nights sleep and then breakfast and return back to the scene to enjoy some more drinking. There was so many wholes in the witness story! It just floors me that no one else is sitting in Jail!!

Is anybody else wondering

Is anybody else wondering why the other occupants are free right now?? Jeeze! How can people know what happened and not only do nothing but chat about it over breakfast? I am so sick about this!

It was 2:15 in the afternoon

It was 2:15 in the afternoon when Dee finally decided to go to the police not in the morning as the article suggests.They hindered the apprehension of a dangerous murderer(see the definition of accessory after the fact)for 12 hours! Why are they not in jail? Who is in charge of this investigation? Something smells fishy. It's illegal to not report a traffic accident but I guess murder is another story. What kind of person could eat breakfast after seeing something so gruesome? It says a lot about their character!


Very violent crime. All it takes is a drunk person pissed about $20 to murder someone? Pretty sad. What a crew for sitting by while all of this happened. Hope they enjoyed their breakfast.

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