Multiple DUI's Determine High Bond in Circuit Court

Sheridan County Magistrate Carol Doughty is presiding over Sheridan County Circuit Court for the next two weeks, filling in for Judge John Sampson.

Monday afternoon, she heard the case of 54-year-old Dennis Barney, who on Friday, February 19th, was arrested for DUI and open container. He had been driving five miles over the speed limit on US Highway 87, south of Sheridan. Wyoming Highway Patrol Officer Scott Carey stopped him, conducted a field sobriety test after detecting a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, and gave Barney a Breathalyzer test. Barney indicated a blood alcohol content of .10. He also had an open, empty 5-mL bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey in his shirt pocket.

Sheridan County Attorney Matt Redle told Magistrate Doughty that this was Barney's third DUI in five years. He then proceeded to relay a litany of criminal offenses, many involving alcohol and drugs -- among others -- dating back to the early 1970's.

Barney pled "not guilty" on the most recent DUI charge, and indicated that he wanted to hire his own attorney. He requested that he be released to his job so he could hire counsel. Redle recommended that Magistrate Doughty set a $5,000 cash bond, given this is Barney's third DUI offense since January 2007.

Doughty told Barney that because of the numerous past DUI charges, including the last three, she felt he was a danger to the community and set a $10,000 cash bond. Barney has seven days for an attorney to contact the court and enter an appearance on his behalf.

know what is sad about all

know what is sad about all of this? a ten year old boy, his son.
barbney's wife got picked a while back for dui and is now in rehab, denise is in jail and now there is a ten year old boy with no home living on his own. none of this boys family want him so he has no place to go. so who is really paying the price for their drinking.

Cant this guy just drink his

Cant this guy just drink his Jack at home and lose his keys under the couch cushions?

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