Motion Hearing Held in District Court

Motion Hearing Held in District Court

A motion hearing for 27-year-old Bobbi Porch was held Thursday in Fourth Judicial District Court in Sheridan. On April 29, Porch was charged with Felony Child Endangering for being in possession of methamphetamine with her son present. Her arrest stems from a report that was called in on April 29 by an employee of the Sheridan Holiday Inn.

One of the housekeepers, while cleaning the room that Porch, her son, and her boyfriend, David Wasson, had been staying in, found what appeared to be drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine residue. The motion hearing Thursday that lasted over four hours, was in regard to motions filed by Defense Attorney Angela Long to suppress evidence and to suppress her client’s statement to the investigating officers. Sheridan Police Officer Meagan Phillips responded to the call and was let into the room by the hotel’s maintenance supervisor.

Body camera footage that was played at Thursday’s hearing and testimony offered by Officer Phillips indicated that upon entering the hotel room, she was under the impression that the occupants of the room had checked out and that once she learned that the room was in fact occupied, but that the guests had left the room temporarily, she exited the room and called her Sergeant to get advice on what needed to be done next.

Shortly after exiting the room, Phillips interviewed the housekeeper that found the meth pipes and meth residue. The officer also viewed photos that the housekeeper had taken with her cell phone of the alleged crime scene. Following the interview, Phillips obtained a search warrant from a magistrate, and later executed a search of the room, where three pipes, several hand held torches, a baggy with drug residue and a hotel soap dish, also with drug residue, were confiscated. Phillips testified that the residue in the pipes and at the scene tested positive for methamphetamine.

Long, in her motion to suppress evidence, contends that the evidence obtained in the hotel room is in violation of the Wyoming Constitution because the officer initially entered the room illegally. While the search of the room was being conducted, Wasson returned to the room, where he admitted to officers that he and his girlfriend (Porch) had smoked methamphetamine in the room the night before. Wasson told officers where Porch could be located. Soon after, Porch was arrested for an outstanding municipal warrant by a deputy with the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office. She was arrested at a ranch in Sheridan County where she’d been working. She was then interrogated at the Sheridan Police Department and charged with Felony Child Endangering and Possession of a Controlled Substance- Methamphetamine.

Long said that the motion to suppress her client’s statement to investigators was made because Porch was mirandized for the municipal warrant charge, but never for the charges she was questioned, and later arrested for at the Police Department. She also said that her client’s statement was not made voluntarily because Sheridan Police Sergeant Kelly Waugh coerced the defendant by using her son as leverage as a means to get her to cooperate with investigators. District Court Judge John Fenn did not rule on either motion, instead he stated that he would take the matter under advisement and issue a decision as soon as possible.

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