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Yesterday was Mother's Day, a day set aside to honor the mothers in our lives. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott wanted to find out what the folks in our community did to celebrate their moms and brings us this story.

Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May. I went to the store, to pick up a couple of Mother's Day cards and let me tell you, it was a “push come to shove” kind of moment. Seemed like everyone in town was there trying to pick out the just right card for the mothers in their lives.

I elbowed, excused me, and pushed my way through to get my cards.

Being the nosy rosy that I am I wanted to see what other folks thought about Mother's Day. I ran into Janecia Bell. what has Mom done.

Gina Thoney had this thought on Mother's Day.

Husband, Mark, was with Gina and had these plans for Mother's Day.

Why don't I believe that? Dana and Keith Bartlett were in town from Lodge Grass. They have foster parented 115 kids. Now, that's a lot of Mother's Day cards. Dana says it's a privilege being a mom.

Silvia Brunner thinks her mom is the best.

Silvia's husband Ben was sitting right there with her. His mom lives over the mountain and he planned on giving her a call and sending a kiss over the phone. Just what does that sound like?

Nice. As for me, I got my card and my flowers, even some clothes. But what made the day the best is my family took me fishing and I even caught one. For Sheridan Media News, this is Judy Hagerott reporting.

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