Montana Man Accused of Kidnapping Receives Preliminary Hearing in Sheridan Circuit Court

48-year-old Great Falls, MT resident Kevin I. Fuller had his preliminary hearing in Sheridan County Circuit Court Thursday, appearing before Judge John Sampson. Fuller is charged with Felony Kidnapping in an August 7th incident.

Detective Sgt. Tom Henry of the Sheridan Police Department took the witness stand to answer questions posed by County Attorney Matt Redle and Public Defender Bob Jones.

Henry said that just before 5 am Friday, August 7th, police were called to the Maverick Convenience Store on Brundage Lane in Sheridan. Officers spoke with Charles Sample of the store, who reported seeing a red, 2-door Pontiac in the parking lot. There were two people in the car: driver Kevin Fuller and passenger Dawn Turner. Sample witnessed an apparent struggle between the two, and saw Turner try to get out of the car. Fuller moved the car back and forth several times, and then drove off with Turner still in the car and the passenger door open.

Detective Henry reported that Fuller headed westbound on I-90 at a high rate of speed, followed by Officer Jim Arzy. Fuller then got off at the 5th Street exit, turned left, and got right back onto the interstate heading eastbound, where Arzy saw the passenger door open and close. Fuller then went back to the Maverick Convenience store on Brundage Lane. With officers on the scene at that point, Turner got out of the car, yelling “help me, help me, he’s going to kill me!” Police drew their weapons and got Fuller out the car and arrested him.

According to Detective Henry, records in Great Falls indicate that Fuller had been arrested three times on domestic issues with Turner, and that Turner had been hospitalized after one of them. However, Fuller was never convicted, because Turner told the judge in that case that she and Fuller were going to seek help from the Sheridan V.A. Fuller is a military veteran and has been struggling with mental health issues.

In questioning Turner, Officer Arzy learned that the couple had been living together for about a year and a half in Great Falls. The night before this incident, they had been out driving around Sheridan County for a few hours after going to several bars. Turner said that when they had been at the bars, Fuller had become agitated because he felt she was flirting with other men. At one point in their driving, she told Arzy, they were on Soldier Creek Road, where Turner asked Fuller to pull over so she could go to the bathroom. When Fuller stopped the car, Turner got out and started running away, but in the dark, ran into a fence. At that point, Turner told Arzy, Fuller allegedly held Turner at knifepoint. Turner said she told Fuller “‘If you’re going to do it, do it quickly.’” As a way of getting him to calm down, she told Fuller that if he would go somewhere to get her some cigarettes, she would have sex with him. Detective Henry indicated that this was a ploy on her part to get to a place where she could escape the car. Not long after that is when they went to the Maverick store.

Henry reported that because of the frantic and emotional state that Turner was in, officers called for EMS ambulance service to transport Turner to the ER at Memorial Hospital.

After hearing Detective Henry’s testimony, Judge Sampson determined there was enough cause to bind Fuller over to 4th Judicial District Court where a trial date will be set. Fuller is under a $50,000 cash bond.

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