Montana Dakota Utilities Proposing Major Electric Service Rate Hike

Montana-Dakota Utilities filed an application to raise electrical rates with the Wyoming Public Service Commission in August. The size of the increase has caused serious concern among MDU customers in northern Wyoming. If the increase is approved it would be an over 40% jump for some customers and a 31% increase on average.

Last April, MDU purchased a one-quarter interest in the WyGen III power plant near Gillette. The facility is currently under construction and is due to come on-line next summer. The purchase will garner the company 25 Megawatts of power from the plant.

In the MDU third quarter earnings report, the company states they filed for the rate increase to recover the costs of the WyGen III purchase. The increase would provide an additional $6 Million dollars a year for MDU.

A public meeting with the PSC concerning the rate increase request has been scheduled for February 10th at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library.

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Teacher pay and Corporate Greed!

Go ahead and raise the gas tax 75% and cut teachers salaries! If you think that times are tough now what till the generation comes through that is being born into this c#@P! You think kids are unmotivated, stupid and lazy now just ain't seen nothin yet! More NCLB and feel good laws because the truth and hard work hurts will be the downfall of this country and the BUSH Legacey!

whatever dude

whatever dude

Rate increase

Have any of you writen a letter to the Public Service Commission to express your concerns or are you just whining here?

Sure have and in fact I've

Sure have and in fact I've called them.So have a bunch of other sheridan citizens.There's been plenty of written concern over it and so far it's having about the same effect as written concern over healthcare reform.That being little or no effect.

The Public Hearing isn't

The Public Hearing isn't until Feb 10th so keep writting and calling because the decission on whether to raise rates or not will not happen until after that date. Sometimes folks don't pay attention to deadlines so they either write and expect a decision the day they do write or they don't write at all -

I have to agree with RJones

I have to agree with RJones "corporate America makes too much money selling us back the energy we originally sold them."

So ya we can write and call all we want as many have done.. but when it comes down to the energy companies posting record profits what did all the mail and phone calls gain the consumer .

So this bubble of energy profit the consumer pays on the way up, and you all know what happens when the bubble bursts, the consumer gets hammered on the way down twice as hard... This is ANOTHER bubble that THEY are creating.

I guess the "rest of the Sheridan Media Minions" don't care, Per BS... After all he seems to speak for the rest of them.

Thank You Rjones and dillio

I and the rest of the Sheridan Media "Minions" would like to thank both you Clowns for proving our point!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's try to keep the conversation civilized

I have allowed these last few comments though, but posters here are encouraged to refrain from back-and-forth attacks. I'm sure there are those who find RJones's daily "Kinspiracy" posts tiresome at times, but if a post contains something off-base I would prefer that someone debunk the content of the post rather than simply calling its author names.

Kinspiracy is your term

Kinspiracy is your term steve.Kinskey provides daily examples of his antics and they're public record,no conspiracy involved.Just the public taking the time to get involved,kind of like like utility rate hikes.

Yes, and I used it because

Yes, and I used it because sometimes when I read your posts I get a mental image of the mayor sitting in a darkened room gleefully rubbing his hands together as he ponders his next step for global domination: a dog park.

No darkened room steve,he's

No darkened room steve,he's usually down at whitney benefits,wilcox title and abstract or rubbing the elderly at the senior center for votes.

The dog park is a kinskey and Kinnison baby,well documented in emails between Kinskey,Bateson and the parks administrator and later dropped in the unknowing lap Steve Brantz.All these emails thanks to the supreme court are considered public documents because they were written communcation between public officials.The biggest problem is the public is largely too lazy to read the public record and inform themselves of what their elected officials are up to.

Philosophically I agree with

Philosophically I agree with you. People complain about corruption in their government, but that corruption is often there because the public doesn't sufficiently involve themselves in the process and we fail to hold our elected officials accountable. I just smile sometimes when reading your posts because they can read as though they were written by "Rusty Shackleford."

That’s all I was asking

That’s all I was asking was for BS to debunk anything that I or RJones stated.. I would like to understand why his attack, that had nothing to do with Kurts article was even allowed? My original post to this article spoke to the fact that MDU was going to raise prices when we are in the heart of the natural resources that create that energy..

I'd like BS to explain how, with the law of supply and demand where Wyoming has a huge supply of natural gas yet the price to the consumer seems to go up not down.. I'd like to see a little of his hot air and superior thinking explain that.. In another post that in my mind was on topic, I asked him to explain how Wyoming’s supply of natural gas or coal for that matter has helped the consumers of Wyoming as it has in other states? After all he was allowed to toss out a personal attack that had nothing to do with the topic.

Where is Wyomings windfall, I guess BS didn't care..

Oil Benefits to Texas Higher Education

Many thousands of students attending Texas universities have benefited from oil. The boon that they have enjoyed began with Mirabeau B. Lamar, known as the "Father of Texas Education." During his tenure as president of the Republic of Texas, he urged the Texas Congress to appropriate public domain to support education. In 1839, the Congress set aside 50 leagues (221,400 acres) of land for the endowment of a university. (Land was also set aside in a separate endowment for public elementary and secondary schools.) In 1858, the university endowment was increased to 1 million acres, with the stipulation that the endowment be good agricultural land.

What did the Wyoming legislators do with our natural gas surplus that benefited our schools ? I see no endowments for Wyoming schools, or the consumer for that matter.

Again BS and his people seem not to care I guess. That’s all I was responding to.

dillio 1973 / Rjones

Using the BS detector over the last several weeks it has come to our attention "No Matter the news topic of the day two posters seem to everything about every item.
dillio and Rjones.

I now know it's possible for two complete clowns to make the dumbest assertions on every topic please do all of us a favor.
never ever ever get together because the off spring might destroy the whole planet.

"Forget global warming dillio and R have enough hot air".

"come to our attention" What

"come to our attention"

What group of sheep do you represent ?

I have no idea who Rjones is

I have no idea who Rjones is but he brings up a very VALID point about Alaska and the checks they get... Where is the BS in that, I'd like to see what hot air you can make out of that.. As for Texas, look it up... learn to use google, and you'll see what other states get in way of financial compensation for natural resources.. Go ahead, stick your head in the ground and be a good little slave.. Why dont you do something useful and tell us all what Wyoming gained in terms of its natural resource riches ? A short lived job boom for high school drop outs ? That was a big win wasn't it ... You need to wake up...

Or alaska where the citizens

Or alaska where the citizens get a Yearly check from oil production within the state.

With the amount of coal leaving wyoming daily,we should all get a kick back.

Heck, what about the coal we

Heck, what about the coal we keep in this state for power? do we even get a break on that ? I don't think so.. This artical will be proof of that.

During the governors race

During the governors race leading up to Dave's first election,one of the candidates for governor ran on the premise that coal taxes should be increased to 1980's tax levels,based on over burden depths to mine said coal.Because the taxes had been lowered so much,to cater to corporate america,that by the late 1990's they were at a fraction of the amount that they were during the 1980's and coal production was over 5 times greater during the 1990's.All causing lost revenue to the state of wyoming that will never be recovered.

I can tell you exactly where all our state reserve funds have went.Every school in the state has been rebuilt or built over new.Then you have every town in wyoming applying for matching state funds for worthless crap like walking trails or rebuilding the Sheridan Inn etc.Meanwhile you have city streets in worse shape then some county dirt roads.

Wyoming could easily power

Wyoming could easily power itself with what gas and coal we have.But corporate america makes too much money selling us back the energy we originally sold them.

I suspect this is just for

I suspect this is just for starters... I knew when they moved to ship all the natural gas out of wyoming it was going to come to this.. It's kinda funny, the oil in texas was allowed to make that state super rich... Go check out a public school down there, they lack for NOTHING.. Once customers get these bills maybe people will start to wake up a little.

You should check out the

You should check out the teacher wages and the schools in Montana and you would realize Wyoming public schools are not lacking as much as you may think.

Teachers wages is a

Teachers wages is a different topic, and in my mind should be strictly performance driven. I think RJones kind of hit on the fact that the funding goes to the facilities we provide children. I believe lab facilities, and a place to practice practical application of learning is a HUGE part of learning.

Agreed, Anonymous. While I

Agreed, Anonymous. While I was in middle school & high school in Helena, MT (yrs 1995-2002), beginning wages for teachers was $19,000. Pretty sad.

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