Mission Accomplished For RENEW

It was an idea birthed seven years ago that saw its fulfillment as RENEW dedicated its new bus barn at its Service Center on South Sheridan Avenue Thursday. The state-of-the art, 45-hundred square foot building includes hot water radiant floor heat, five drive-thru stalls, a wash bay and was built to improve the safety for RENEW’s clients and help extend the life of the transportation fleet used by the non-profit. 
Larry Samson, CEO of RENEW saw a silver lining in a faltering economy

An upside to a downsized economy, RENEW got the building at half the original bid; the cost—a half million dollars.  Funding sources included WYDOT which administered Federal Transit Authority funds, the USDA helped with grant and loan money, the city waived permit fees and support also came in from the County Commissioners and community members.
Tenacity paid off for RENEW’s Project Development Director Jeff Foster
RENEW’s transportation fleet handles 22-3000 rides each month, mostly from its clients, but the public can also take advantage of the transportation.  The cost is $2.25 per ride one way and rides must be arranged ahead of time.  Call RENEW at 672-7481 for pick-up information.

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I though they had laid off alot of people? is that true? just what I had heard

RENEW falls under the

RENEW falls under the typical category of a non profit that is anything but nonprofitable to its administrators.

How is questioning the

How is questioning the spending of money heartless? Yes, RENEW helps people with disabilities. However, they USED to be much better at this then they are now. Their reputation for providing quality services is not the same as of late. Some of that is a decrease in funding that they have no control over. I've chaired a non-profit and donate time weekly, so you criticism is completely unwarranted. The fact that RENEW helps people doesn't mean they cannot be open to criticism.

Something important to keep

Something important to keep in mind is that nonprofits like RENEW (as well as city govts., colleges, etc.etc.) don't operate from one undifferentiated funding source. So it could be that while general operations funds get cut in half, grant money is still available for a transportation-related service, like the bus barn.

re: Interesting

What a heartless thing to say and think. What RENEW has been able to accomplish for people with disabilities and their families is outstanding and should be applauded. Instead of criticizing this organization you should be asking them "what can I do to help". Have you ever volunteered for anything in your life? I doubt it because if you had you would have compassion for what our non-profit organizations in Sheridan County accomplish in the face of all kinds of adversity, including putting up with comments like yours!

Interesting. So they

Interesting. So they complain about their funding being cut to provide services. The quality of their services has certainly decreased. But they can come up with the money to build a pretty building for their vehciles. Hmmmm.


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