Missing Couple Found In Big Horn Mountains

A Buffalo couple left Friday for an outing in the Bighorn Mountains and was reported missing by family on Saturday afternoon. No one had been told where they were heading so Sheridan County Deputies had very little to go on when they began to search for Danny Cox and Amanda Galloway.

Search and rescue was called out on Sunday morning and the pilot of a search plane spotted the pair on Sunday afternoon. Cox and Galloway had become stuck in the snow on the U.S. Forest Service road between Red Grade Road and U.S. Highway 14.

The couple did not have any emergency supplies with them but were uninjured and in good spirits when located.

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Lost and not dangerous!

Obviously there is no sense in your brain when trying to impress your girlfriend? If anyone has travelled Black Mountain Road lately they should have realized that anyplace past the lookout tower was impassible unless you have a new 4x4 truck and some cutie you are trying to impress? Your brain is the first thing to go, then your ego and then your transmission! Know your limits and always be prepared to spend a night out in the woods when travelling off road, even if it's only a couple miles off the highway! Tell someone but better yet just stay on the pavement and spend the afternoon cuddled up at the local watering hole!

If that was the case then

If that was the case then every ya-who would be up there and Search and Rescue prob could not do their job by tracking them

So it is better....

So it is better to have a handful of people looking rather than any and all of the people out-and-about?

YES.... How can search and

YES.... How can search and rescue search for tracks and do what they are trained to do if they have to worry about the influx of people out and about, mixing tracks and other clues that search and rescue need to conduct a well adequate search. Sometimes numbers is not what is needed! Control is what is needed, Cops dont ask for anyone to investigate a murder and walk all over the crime scene! Same Situation

Why don't they get this news out?

This is the second report recently about someone lost in the mountains. Why do they not get this news out immediately so more people can be watching for them? It seems like the news only gets out after the fact. Not bitching, just curious.


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