Misappropriation Of Funds

Events leading up to the Thursday death of Sheridan County Clerk Audrey Koltiska paint a disturbing picture. Sheridan County Attorney Matt Redle explains that there was an ongoing investigation.

Redle said that at the conclusion of the interview, Koltiska was not arrested and released by investigators.

At this time, the amount of funds that were allegedly misappropriated in the case have not been made available. The audit will continue regarding Koltiska's possible misappropriation of public funds. Koltiska was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound shortly after 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon by a Sheridan County Sheriff's Deputy about a mile east of Sheridan on Wyarno Road. Sheridan County Coroner Mark Ferries has confirmed the death was the result of a suicide.

Gossip Central

Does anyone ever question anything in this town or do you all just immediately jump the oh, she's guilty train without questioning anything. This town will always be a gossipy town. Most of us who have lived in Sheridan for a long period of time have gone into the courthouse and had dealings with this lady, who in my opinion was always kind, helpful and courteous. It is extremely sad the circumstances of what happened here and the ones left to pick up the pieces and go on are her family. The only ones who really need to deal with this. The rest of you need to keep your mouths shut and stay out of other peoples business. Yeah it is normal to be curious about what has happened here but mind your own business. You all have something to hide and before you go judging another look inward first. Obviously from what has been reported that she was so desperate to not be judged by her piers and the people of Sheridan that she took her life. How does that make you feel! STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS.

An elected official being

An elected official being investigated for misppropriation of public funds is the peoples business.

the matter at hand

I am not refering to the allegations, I am refering to all the unecessary scuttlebut that happens in these situations. I am sure you are aware of that, you do live in Sheridan, right? Tell me you don't gossip about your neighbors and what goes on in this town and I would call you a liar, cause I am sure you do.

Based on your assumption

Based on your assumption of her innocence, wouldn't it have been easier to just move away from Sheridan if it was indeed just fear of what people would say or believe about her that caused her to take her life? I just don't buy it.

This is merely the result of

This is merely the result of residing within an extremely judgemental community. I'm sure she knew that if she faced such allegations this community would find her guilty far before any court would have a chance. This community consists of a majority of ppl that leave no room for error. Congratulations Sheridan, you have once again influenced yet another person within this community to take their own life. And in the future may we keep in mind that we are all human. Everyone makes mistakes. It's part of life, for w/o error how can one grow as a person?
R.I.P. Audrey Koltiska...may you rest now

This is a disgrace to their family!

The media should be absolutely ashamed of it's self, this poor woman hasn't even been deceased but for a few days, and this conspiracy is all over the local media! First the Sheridan Press and now here. Why not let the family heal before all this crap is spewed all over the press! What happened to common courtesy and morality!

Obviously this poor woman was proven innocent and released and she can't even rest in peace with out rumors and gossip being spewed all over the place...

My heart goes out to the Koltiska family, may this poor woman be left alone and allowed to rest in peace!

Instead of concentrating all this effort on degrading this poor lady, why not go after the corrupt city official who actually committed the crime; if she was let go it's obvious here record was clear!

Really??? Sorry but I don't

Really??? Sorry but I don't rely on the Press and Sheridan Media to get day or even week old news. It's not the newspapers job to let the dust settle before reporting. I'm glad they printed this article. If papers were concerned with common courtesy NOTHING would ever get reported. Thanks to Sheridan Media for this article. This would have been all over the rumor mill in a matter of hours, at least this gives people a chance to get their facts straight.


She cannot be proven innocent or guilty. Either way, it is her family and friends paying the price. My prayers are with you all.


You are in our thoughts and prayers Koltiska family....

Praying for friends and family

"Satin comes to steal, kill, and destroy; I came so that you might have life and have it more abundantly." Jesus will forgive, but sometimes we must face the natural consequences of our actions. I'm not saying she did anything on her own, but God knows, "We have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God." Let's all remember to share God's love and mercy with the Koltiska family and our friends and family this Easter season.

Have to say I find offense

Have to say I find offense to this. So quick to quote a novel written by so many and completely unverified. Not everyone in this community is of christian religion.

Then ignore it.

A lot of people do believe in God and the Bible. Just another case of the minority wanting preference over the majority.


I wouldn't call this an instance of the minority wanting preference over the majority... "A lot" doesn't constitute a majority either.

But in any case, no matter what your personal beliefs, it's not up to any of us to pass judgment based on an investigation that has yet to draw any real conclusions.

Whether she was afraid of being wrongfully charged or had a guilty conscience, it makes no difference. She made the choice she felt was best for her.

She is at peace, her family is grieving, and you shallow people are bickering over which god has more followers.
Grow up, quit gossiping, & show some respect.

We seem to forget that this

We seem to forget that this was an investigation, no one was arrested or proven guilty. Have we forgotten that we are innocent until proven guilty in the community? Whether or not allegations are true, many friends and family are deeply saddened by the loss. We will never know the torture this person was going through. Forgive her, show the family and friends compassion.

sad day

She was an amazing, kind and gentle soul. She was a flower that had weed killer sprayed on her. She could not withstand, but God is protecting her now.those that will be found out to be deceitful will pay a much higher price than anyone could know. She will be missed. Those that knew her loved her!

they won't get away with it

they won't get away with it

Interesting, what do you mean?

Please elaborate, think I am riding the same horse as you.....if so I would agree. It is really getting ingteresting in your little town!

I wouldn't say

I wouldn't say interesting,this is at least the 4th time in the past 10 years that a women in charge of funds,has made said funds do a disappearing act here in sheridan.

Will be interesting to see who gets implicated in this besides just audrey.I wouldn't put much faith in Redle,he's employed by the county commissioners and if any 5 of them are involved you'll hear nothing.Sort of like when commissioner Cox took it upon himself to put in an illegal jail at the road and bridge building.Redle stood by and did nothing.

Matt Redle is an elected

Matt Redle is an elected official put into office by the residents of Sheridan County. While he draws his paycheck from the county, he does not work for the county commissioners.

this is just so, so sad and

this is just so, so sad and very unfortunate that audrey's death has to be overshadowed by this negativity of what may or may not have happened. she was a kind, generous and lovely person who should only be remembered for that and the light she brought to many people's lives.

seems there maybe a problem

seems there maybe a problem with the system if this continues to happen? Maybe there are "loopholes" that need to be fixed so that another person doesn't have this happen again. My thoughts are with her family, friends, and co-workers.


I am so sorry to read this article. My prayers go out to the Koltiska family in a very tough time, and I hope that everyone can leave them alone and let them heal right now.


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