Minimal Amount of Water to be Released from Park Reservoir

City Public Utilities Manager, Dan Roberts
City Public Utilities Manager, Dan Roberts

City of Sheridan Water Utilities officials plan to travel up to Park and Big Horn Reservoirs Thursday, May 26th. Currently there are 25 Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) coming into Park.

Based upon what they find, they MAY release less than 100 CFS, now that it looks like the weather will break for a few days, in order to gain some storage capacity in the reservoir.

Because of the snow pack levels being so high, their objective is to gain as much storage capacity in the reservoirs as can be practically achieved before a series of warm days and run-off is more extreme.

City of Sheridan Public Utilities Manager, Dan Roberts, says that any time Park Reservoir releases, if crews determine the situation is changing, they can modify or stop the release.

Roberts says that it is better to release a little water now, as opposed to a lot, later. For reference, last year officials dumped as much as 472 CFS in order to keep the reservoir from filling too fast.

Roberts adds that the potential for a greater precautionary water release is most likely a reality, considering how close to June we are and how much snow is on the mountain.

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