Micheli Comments on Craig's List Rapist Letter

Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor, Ron Micheli
Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor, Ron Micheli

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ron Micheli was a guest on KROE's Public Pulse program Thursday morning. The first issue addressed by host Kim Love was Micheli's character reference letter he and his wife, Patty, had written to Natrona County Judge David Park.

The letter, written June 11th, was on behalf of family friend Ty McDowell of Bar Nunn, who was recently sentenced to 60 years to life for brutally raping a Casper woman last December.

On Public Pulse, Kim Love asked Micheli to give his side of the story.

If elected governor of Wyoming, Micheli, regarding this issue, commented.

To listen to the interview in its entirety, click here:

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Micheli Letter

Come on people, listen carefully to the words he said. He said they were asked to give a character reference as to his BACKGROUND, which I'm sure is done in heinous cases like this to see if something in the person's background led them to commit a crime of this nature. It does not excuse the crime. They did not ask for leniency nor do they think he should get off for his crime. They were asked to "provide information about their interactions" with the said person. Micheli stated in the paper that "my only effort was to provide factual information and allow the court to review those facts and come to an independent decision". I do not see where writing this letter "supported" the man, as most newspapers in the area are saying. He was stating FACTS about what he knew from his earlier years, but I do not take that as being "supportive" of the man. Micheli answered a legal request for information, but in no way did he support or ask for leniency for this man.


I just don't get it, I

I just don't get it, I wouldn't write a letter for my best friend if he comitted this crime. I sure wouldn't do it if I were running for a state office!

Yeah, Right.....

What other possible purpose could such a letter serve other than to ask for lieniency? Imagine the favors he'll do for members of his church is he's governor. Imagine how betrayed the victim will feel as a citizen of a state where he's the governor. His actions are inexcusable.
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