Meyer Backs Off National Guard Statement

Meyer Backs Off National Guard Statement
Meyer Backs Off National Guard Statement

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A Republican candidate for governor says she misspoke when she said at a tea party forum that the Wyoming National Guard could properly be used against the federal government. State auditor Rita Meyer was asked at the Cheyenne forum Thursday whether she would call out the Wyoming National Guard against federal authorities to protect state residents from what the questioner called "inevitable federal abuse."
According to a report in the Casper Star-Tribune Saturday, Meyer replied, "That's absolutely an appropriate use of the National Guard." Meyer's spokeswoman says that Meyer misheard the question and thought the person was asking about potential terrorism, not using the Guard against the federal government itself.

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Clark, I agree and I don't see the GOP standing up against Real ID, The Patriot Act or No Child Left Behind anytime in the near future, unfortunately. Maybe the fact that I do oppose them makes me a libertarian instead of a Republican? I don't really know. Time will tell if the GOP stays on the states rights bandwagon once they've regained the whitehouse and / or congress. If they don't there will be a lot of us jumping off their cart - guaranteed.


I doubt she misunderstood, looks more like trying to play both sides. I admire all of the republican concerns for states rights! I just wonder where it was when Real ID, The Patriot act, No Child Left Behind, and Medicare part D were all Being passed....Oh I forgot that was OK because we had a republican president then.

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