MDU Files Supplemental Electrical Increase Request

Montana Dakota Utilities announced that it is adjusting the proposed electrical rate increase filed with the Wyoming Public Service Commission last August. The supplemental filing calls for a smaller increase than originally proposed. The new request calls for an average 26 percent increase rather than the 31 percent average across all classes. MDU Resources Public Relations Director Mark Hanson…

The announcement about the supplemental filing was made during a meeting with MDU representatives and the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee on Thursday morning. In that presentation MDU made a revelation that not only will electrical rates rise under the proposal, but if the PSC approves the request, the company’s maximum rate of return will also increase. That would mean that customers rates would skyrocket and profit margins would be greater for the utility. MDU will present its case for the proposed increases during a public meeting tonight at the Sheridan Senior Center at 5PM

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With Wyoming being natural

With Wyoming being natural resource rich in coal and natural gas, Wyoming residents should see a price decrease..


What a suprise.Facing legal

What a suprise.Facing legal action against them,MDU is now going to back peddle and lower their increase requests.

The public outcry has gotten big enough that the February meeting needs a larger meeting place.

Typical Corporate america greed.

MDU Rate Increase

26 percent, 31 percent it is still way too much for any Sheridan resident to pay for a basic necessity.

MDU Rates

I find it disheartening and maddening that MDU will raise rates by such a large percentage, especially given the fact that the only need to do so is to expand their profits. During these economic times, a company is taking advantage of those who are trying to survive. Wow- the land of the rich get richer and the poor, well, go cold.

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