MDU Discusses Proposed Rate Increase With Public Today

Representatives from Montana-Dakota Utilities are in Sheridan today to give a presentation, as well as answer questions about the proposed electrical rate increase filed with the Wyoming Public Service Commission last summer. They have requested an average 31 percent increase in electrical rates for Wyoming customers. Sheridan City Councilor John Heath has been appointed to a committee charged with examining the proposal and its effects on Sheridan customers.

The City has retained the services of a utility rate expert and attorney who specializes in utility rate cases to advocate for MDU customers in Wyoming. They City will ask Sheridan County to split the cost of the expert witness who will testify before the Wyoming PSC.

Tonight’s meeting with MDU will begin at 5 o’clock at the Sheridan Senior Center.

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Rate increase

RJones why don't you run for office next time - seems you have a lot of criticism with no solutions.

The solution is always

The solution is always simple.Do the exact opposite of whatever kinskey has already done.That's the nice thing about kinskey,he always gives you a prime example of what not to do.

MDU rate increase

The City participated in an intervention in the 80's when MDU proposed a large rate increase - to you nay sayers it did help.

MDU rate increase

Once again corporate greed takes priority over common sense. Customers should not have to pay for the mistakes of the corporate heads. Another case of Rob the poor -- give to the rich.

This attorney that the city

This attorney that the city just happened to hire,is the same attorney that kinskey hired to get Powder river energy in the door in sheridan.In exchange powder river energy joined and gave forward sheridan $10k,of course kinskey was the ceo at the time of Forward sheridan.What a nice cozy relationship.


i think the proposed rate increase is motivated by greed more than anything else. mdu has had a monopoly on gas and electric for years and still want more from people who can barely afford their service now. it is too bad that alternative energy is too expensive, but they should bite the bullet so to speak and develope it on their own, instead of on the backs of the end user.


David, I agree it is all about greed with the energy companies. They do have a monopoly going on in Wyoming. Each company has their own area. Remember before cell phones the phone companies were the same way. Charged high rates for local and long distance calls. Then we were offered choice of carriers and they competed. Once cell phones became a household thing the telephone companies had to compete with them also so now they offer these great package deals. Not the same with our gas and power. They know they have us. We have to have heat, light, ect. So what are we to do? They got us over a barrel for now until we all go to alternative sources or the government says other companies can come in and compete.

More rhetoric.Heath trying

More rhetoric.Heath trying to be a hero so he can get elected again to Severs vacated city council position when it comes up.

Rate increase

31 percent is a huge increase. I hope that with the increase MDU will also increase their services so when there are issues they will respond faster.

Don't count on it Tessa,

Don't count on it Tessa, They are only making this move to maintain current profit margin when the big push to energy efficient products comes into play.. The general public over the next 15 years is going to be hit with a big sales pitch on "energy efficient products" to reduce energy costs.. The kicker is that after purchasing these products your bill will still be "status quo".. For the people who can not afford these products, they will really end up feeliing the hurt. In my oppinion any investment in energy efficient products needs to focus on OFF GRID technology..

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