MDU Comments On Proposed Rate Increase

For the past few weeks a hot topic of conversation has been the proposed Montana-Dakota Utilities electrical rate increase. Although the increase was filed with the Wyoming Public Service Commission in August, the public meeting on the increase is still 45 days away. We asked MDU Public Relations Director Mark Hanson several questions, including why only Wyoming customers are being asked to pay the increase?

The reason for the increase filed in Cheyenne is to recoup the cost of purchasing a portion of the WYGEN III power plant near Gillette. MDU President David Goodin said the purchase would give customers competitive, stable prices for years to come. Why is having your own power so much more expensive, and wouldn’t it have been more efficient to continue buying power for only 14,800 Wyoming customers?

A public meeting with the PSC has been scheduled for February 10th at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library Inner Circle.

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I attended the meeting last night and am astonished that there were only 100 of us who acutally took the time to show up!!! all YOU concerned citizens RIGHT? It should have been standing room only! You can complain on this venue right? You are the kind of people who didn't vote and then complain about who the won. Maybe you can take the time to attend the next meeting yeah! If you had attended you wouldn't be posting ignorant remarks.


Over the years it has been increasingly difficult to make ends meet, to say the least!

This proposed 25% average rate increase in utilities will have a very negative impact to the disabled, and the senior citizens on fixed incomes.

I personally feel, that this is an act of GREED for the sake of money for money's sake!

Yes, I'll go.....when is the next one?

MDU charge increase

If MDU did not need the extra power, the compnay shouldn't have purchased the plant. Since they did, the expense should be paid by all customers, not only Wyoming customers, regaurdless of who will be serviced by the power.

Purchase of WYGEN III power plant near Gillette

Ummm don't charge the customer for something you can't afford MDU. Like many business' expand after profit to bring in more customers. If MDU can't afford it then another utility will come in a service Sheridan. Thanks.

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