McBride Expresses Concerns About PAWS

Wyoming Superintendent Jim McBride
Wyoming Superintendent Jim McBride

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jim McBride released a letter Friday that he sent to the U.S. Department of Education that outlines his concerns with the current PAWS testing, as well as testimonial from Wyoming school districts.

The letter was directed to Dr. Zollie Stevenson at the USED as his office and staff are responsible for monitoring and managing assessment and accountability results in the states. A copy of the letter is available on the Wyoming Department of Education website under the superintendent memos listing. The direct link to the letter is

The letter outlines problems associated with the 2010 PAWS administration, and specifically asks USED to grant a waiver in using the results of 2010 PAWS to make accountability and AYP determinations.

Wyoming school district superintendents will be meeting with the PAWS Technical Advisory Committee on Monday afternoon via the WEN Video system to share their comments and concerns regarding the 2010 PAWS administration and student experiences.

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