Mayor Questions Whether Developers Are Doing Their Part For The Community

Several questions have arisen with the most recent annexation request to the City of Sheridan. The Cloud Peak Ranch project includes over 500 acres total, and the parcel on the south side of 5th Street will include a 9-hole addition to the Sheridan Country Club golf course. The developer believes that the golf course would fulfill City open space requirements yet the City indicates it may not. Stan Everitt represents Developer Don Roberts in the project and he says he’s dealt with similar issues before.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey says the City does not have funding to develop dedicated parkland into public use.

If the Council does update the City Code, it will be too late for the Cloud Peak Ranch. The Council will have to eventually decide if they will expect the developer donate land to public use and also fund the park development. The Council postponed further action on this matter indefinitely at their last regular meeting.

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Kinskey has done everything

Kinskey has done everything in his power to give developers in sheridan a free ride.

Now that kinskey has bankrupted the city,he is now questioning the developers for his own mismanagement?

Why should the developer be obligated to provide pathways and parks for Jim Wilsons pathway dream.

The real irony here is Kinskey within the lastmonth, had no problem giving Neltje $1.2 million for 38 acres of property to house forward sheridan,which of course kinskey is a member of. The $1.2 million brings the per acre price to $31578.95. No where in wyoming does undeveloped commercial property sell for this high of price.

Why should the taxpayer of sheridan have to pay for Dick Webers forward sheridan,to a tune of $220K this year alone,plus provide $1.2 million to house forward sheridan.

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