Mayor Gives State Of The City Address

Mayor Randy Dyess gives the State of the City Address Wednesday in Buffalo.
Mayor Randy Dyess gives the State of the City Address Wednesday in Buffalo.

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess presented the State Of The City Address at ta luncheon Wednesday, touching briefly on a number of subjects from his love of serving as mayor to the accomplishments of the city to spending and reserve funds to what the future may hold.

He began by thanking the men and women in uniform and the many volunteers that serve this community.
One thing he is pleased with is the cooperation between governmental agencies that has become commonplace during his tenure.
He applauded the numerous projects the city has completed such as the waste water and water treatment plants, the new schools and the adjacent projects, and Crazy Woman Square.
Projects that are underway or will be soon are the Northwest Water Pipeline and Tank Project, Burritt Street reconstruction and the redevelopment of the backside of Main Street.

He also thanked the department heads and city staff for their hard work and “doing more with less.”

The mayor said city government spending has gone from $7.1 million in 2011 to $5.2 million this year. Since 2007 through the end of 2014 the city has completed $17 million in capital projects, and referencing the government cooperation, he said $12 million of that has come from those partnerships.
The city has accrued debt, $14 million mainly from the what he called the business end of the city, which is water and sewer.

The city also has $15 million in reserve, he said.

Mayor Dyess spoke on some growing pains the town is experiencing.

And what of the future? The mayor said he feels data processing centers are something Buffalo and other communities should concentrate on in the near future to help diversify their local economies.

He concluded by saying he would like to see Buffalo move ahead, not for the sake of change, but to make it better.

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