Many Cowboy State Residents May Not Follow Flu Prevention Advice

You've been hearing the warnings since the Swine Flu first hit the news a few months ago, to be more diligent in handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes and staying home when sick. But while the first two precautions can be easily taken, the last one may not be for many people.

Dan Neal with the Equality State Policy Center says a trip to his wife's workplace at a school shows the challenges that working families face because at least half of them don't have paid sick leave policies at their jobs.

Neal says four out of five low-wage workers in Wyoming do not have even one paid sick day available to them. Even taking an unpaid day can be disastrous.

The Center has been pushing for paid, and unpaid, leave policies to help Wyoming families find work-life balance. Many small businesses object to such policies because of financial concerns.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention flu guidelines advise staying home until fever has naturally subsided for 24 hours, which can be between seven and ten days from the onset of symptoms.

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Many Cowboy State Residents ...

For those who don't have any paid time off, welcome to the USA, find a better job at your convenience. If you want Nanny-State interference in your life, get a travel guide from the AFL-CIO and head to Illinois where you can't take one step without tripping over some government regulation.

The United States Citizen has had enough of Government meddling for one election cycle.

Finally, H1N1 vaccination is a personal matter, get it or not, as you see fit.



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