Man Claiming to Be From Sheridan Police Department Making Fake Phone Calls to Women

Detective Sgt. Tom Henry informed us that around 7:30 Thursday morning, a man claiming to be “Officer Owens” from the Sheridan Police Department called two different Sheridan women.

The caller claimed that he was on a case involving a Peeping Tom/voyeurism and he needed the women to identify some pictures. The women were suspicious, and when they asked the man for more information, he hung up. A disturbing note on these two calls is that the man seemed to know some personal information about each woman.

Sgt. Henry urges the public to be aware that there is no “Officer Owens” working at the Sheridan Police Department, and very rarely do officers make phone calls when investigating serious cases such as the one this man claimed to be investigating. More often than not, a real police officer would personally visit your home or workplace.

He also asks that if anyone else received such a call yesterday or prior, to please let the Sheridan Police Department know by calling 672-2413. Henry says that if anyone ever receives a suspicious call to hang up and call the PD to inquire if there is any validity to the call.

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