Man Cited for Beating Fawn to Death

The Wyoming Game and Fish cited James Mack of Sheridan for Wanton Destruction of Wildlife.
The Wyoming Game and Fish cited James Mack of Sheridan for Wanton Destruction of Wildlife.

Sheridan Police assisted Wyoming Game and Fish Monday afternoon on a report of a male subject who killed a fawn deer with a shovel in his front yard on Thurmond Avenue.

The subject, 64-year-old James Mack of Sheridan, was cited by Game and Fish Warden Bruce Scigliano for Wanton Destruction of Wildlife. Mack must appear in Sheridan County Circuit Court on August 9th.

In speaking with officials with the Sheridan Regional Game and Fish Office, the incident is under investigation and further details of the case cannot be released until Mr. Mack has appeared before Judge John Sampson.

some of you need to open

some of you need to open your eyes and realize the situation that could have really happen. Has anyone ever thought of the incident where the fawn was hit by a car and was suffering in this guys yard? If so, he did a good thing and put it out of its missery. it is still against the law but if that is the case then i think he did a great thing

sick individual

Every time I think about this innocent amimal being beat to death with a shovel I get sick to my stomach. God forbid a child would wonder into this sickos yard, whatwould he do than. He need to see a shrink this behavior is NOT NORMAL. There is no justifiable reason for anyone to take a life in that mannor.

I'm guessing that there is

I'm guessing that there is some source of news that I do not have access to. Because there is little information as to why he did what he did in this article and most of you seem very up to date on the story. If somebody has a source that states that he was decked out in camo and was hiding in the bushes with his weapon of choice (shovel) waiting for an innocent fawn to pass by, I might decide to pass judgement like the rest of you. Untill then I will wait for more developments on the story.


What further developments do you really need? What would justify this behavior for you? I personally have never met a fawn that wouldn't leave my yard with simple, HARMLESS clapping of the hands or a good hearty shout.
This guy is scum in my opinion, no further details needed for that conclusion in my book.

I agree with you in

I agree with you in principle, that it is important to gather facts before making hasty judgments. However, it is somewhat hard to imagine a scenario which would warrant beating a fawn to death. Does it really matter if it was premeditated or not? Even if that dang fawn was eating all his roses, there are other solutions. Call the game and fish. Even a bullet would have been more humane.

It is possible that the fawn

It is possible that the fawn was already hurt and suffering. If he hit it once with the shovel to put it out of its misery that would be "beating it to death." He could have shot it and faced charges for discharging a weapon in city limits and you poeple would still loose your minds about that. Or he could have called the game and fish to come take care of it. I'm sure it would only take 20 to 40 min. for somebody to get there to take care of it. Now that is humane.

OK. I see your point. That

OK. I see your point. That is a possibility, but we will just have to wait and see.

truly disgusting

I hope any and all charges possible are applied to this poor excuse for a man. Poaching, cruelty to animals, destruction of wildlife, disorderly conduct.... Sick SOB!


It would be easier to catch than an adult deer if you were upset over disease ridden deer infestation and flora destruction. I don't really think it's all that disgusting. He was probably just sick of all the cute deer eating his stuff. A shovel is cheaper than a bullet.

That's true. How dare that

That's true. How dare that fawn ignore private property rights!


why would some one do that?

wyominggal How can someone

How can someone kill and destroy an innocent creature. We live in Wyoming where wild creatures are going to roam into town and into our yards. This is something we accept as one of the things that we love about wyoming. I cannot understand the wanton distruction of such an innocent creature.


One of the most disgusting

One of the most disgusting things I have heard of.


Really? Beating a fawn to death with a shovel? What justifies behavior like this? That's a horrible thing to do. I truly hope justice prevails.

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