Man Charged With Child Abuse Has Preliminary Hearing

A Sheridan man was bound over to 4th Judicial District Court after a preliminary hearing in Sheridan County Circuit Court on Tuesday afternoon. 35-year-old Rockie King is accused of aggravated assault and battery as well as child abuse.

The State alleges that King slapped his wife and injured his 13-month-old daughter on November 16th. Sheridan Police Detective Scott Brastrup was called to the stand to testify. When interviewed by police, King allegedly said he and the child had been wrestling and that’s how the injuries occurred. When the child was examined at the hospital, doctors found evidence of manual strangulation and several scratches and bleeding cuts around the child’s mouth. The State entered pictures of the injuries into evidence during the hearing.

King faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. A date has not been set for King’s arraignment in District Court. He is waiting for that proceeding in the Sheridan County Detention Center.

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Camel Toe Joe, you are

Camel Toe Joe, you are really quick to judge! Am I missing something? Have you heard both sides of the story? Were you there? I'm guessing not. Caining? Are you serious?

child abuser

Ten years isn't nearly enough for the low-life that would do something like this!

Tough Guy!

If this loser is not sentenced to at least 10 years something is wrong with you! We need to start taking our society back and punishing these perverts and so called men! A 13 month old must have been a tough match up for a 35 yr old. Stop the BS judge and start handing out real sentences! Make an example out of him and make him the first caining victim in Wyoming! Look at the countries who use this form of punishment, you can walk down the street at any time of day or night and not be afraid. We need to start using a system that is not such a joke or such a pleasure to have to serve! Free TV, Health, Meals a bed its easier than work!

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